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  • Voice Writing Course

Voice Writing Course

Learn to be a court reporter in just 90 days

Is court reporting right for you?

  • Do you have good English skills?
  • Can you work independently?
  • Do you like working with the latest technology?
  • Do you want a better career?

If you answered yes to these questions, court reporting could be right for you!

Voice writing is court reporting with the speed and accuracy of your own voice. Traditional schooling for court reporting takes three years of intense training—through these court reporting classes, you can learn to be a voice writer in less than 90 days.

A court reporter with a high school diploma and a proper training in voice writing can earn $60,000 a year or more.

Voice writing utilizes the newest and most accurate in voice recognition technology and replaces the old stenograph. In a nutshell, you listen to the court proceeding and repeat what you hear. Voice recognition software transcribes your words and notations to create an official courtroom record.

A complete education in court reporting

These Court Reporter online courses are taken online at your own pace. Each week you can meet with an instructor for question-and-answer sessions, tips, and additional instruction. The complete Voice Writing Court Reporting program covers these topics:


English for Court Reporters

Accuracy and clarity is essential for court reporters. This course section will cover topics such as spelling, typography, abbreviations and acronyms, capitalization and other essential English grammar rules for court reporters.

Legal Terminology

Court reporting requires a high degree of fluency in legal jargon. This section will provide the necessary foundation of legal terminology and concepts.

Medical Terminology

Court hearings involving medical topics are commonplace. This section teaches general and specific medical terminology so you'll know how to report any medical case from malpractice to personal injury.


Court Reporting

This is a comprehensive study of court reporting emphasizing practical exercises from procedure to proper breathing methods. The technology and use of equipment is covered in detail as well as specialized topics including ethics, depositions, and court hearings.


In this final section students will learn to draft deposition, hearings, jury hearings and bench trial reports. Hands-on exercises include actual transcription of video depositions and trials. There will be a comprehensive test at the end of the course.

Gauging Progress

Speed and accuracy exercises will be emphasized throughout the course with quizzes to gauge progress. It is a self-paced course, so no one gets left behind, and you can work on your own schedule.


Meet your instructor

Peggy Daniels

Instructor Peggy Daniels

Peggy has been a court reporter for over 15 years and is the founder and author of Keepers of the Record. She has lived and worked in the D.C. metro area for more than ten years. In that time she has had the opportunity to write an article for the Department of Defense's website, military.com, and has been a guest speaker at Disabled Veterans and Walter Reed Medical Center. She has been a VoiceWriting Instructor since 2008.

Interactive instruction schedule

Instruction Schedule

  • Tuesday
    • 9:30 a.m - 10:30 a.m. ET
  • Thursday
    • 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. ET

Included with the complete Voice Writing course is three hours per week of live, interactive instruction. During these sessions you will refine what you've learned in the self-paced chapters and get practical advice from a working court reporter. Interactive classes can be taken in the mornings on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Keepers of the Record Syllabus

Click here to download a copy of the syllabus (.pdf)

Our mission is to provide the best training in the nation for the aspiring realtime voice writer! Our program not only teaches the voice writing method, but also trains you in transcript preparation and production and all the things you will need to know when going out in the exciting field of court reporting!

You can be a court reporter, CART provider or closed captioner in as little as 4 to 12 months.

Syllabus Blocks

  • Block 1 — Beginning dictation techniques and speedbuilding.
  • Block 2 — Speedbuilding and intro to transcripts and production. By the end of block 2, you will be at 150 to 180 wpm.
  • Block 3 — Dragon Natural Speaking along with more transcripts and production.
  • Block 4 — Real-life situations and interviews. By the end of block 4, you will be at 225 to 250 wpm.

Class in realtime-oriented program is divided into blocks. Students must pass a test to advance to the next block. The tests will be similar to state tests.

Classes are 1 to 1.5 hours each. You will want to devote 10-12 hours per week to practice.

You will also learn proper transcript preparation and punctuation.

All blocks include transcription and legal terminology.

I will provide feedback on all homework.

This is designed for the working student, and I will be available during the day and evenings for any questions.

Required equipment:

  • Mask
  • Dragon Natural Speaking Premium or Professional
  • Lillian Morrison Punctuation for Court Reporters (this can be purchased on eBay or through the NCRA.)
  • Word Perfect or Word
  • Headphones.

Later when you are in the field, you will want to purchase CAT software.

Completion of Course

Upon satisfactory completion of the online voice writing court reporting school you will receive a certified letter of completion. Most states do not require licensing for court reporters but for those that do, you'll be ready to take and pass the U.S. Court Reporting Exam or National Voicewriters Test.

How to register for classes

Registration is quick and easy and can be done over the phone or online. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to one of our specialists at (866) 254-0714.

Comprehensive Voice Writing Court Reporting Course

This 13-week comprehensive course includes all required texts and course material, 2-3 hrs/week of interactive instruction, progression quizzes and final exam. Upon satisfactory completion of the course you will receive a certified letter of completion. You will also receive a $100 discount if you decide to purchase the Start-Stop GoldenEar Court Reporting System.

Call for details

  • Voice Writing Course

Voice Writing Course

 Call for Details 1 (866) 254-0714


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