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Transcription System
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FOOT PEDAL TRANSCRIPTION SYSTEM with Recording, Conversion, and Variable Speed, built-in Job Manager, FTP, Autoplay, Bookmarks, Time Stamping, Auto-Notification, Smart Line Counter, Network Sharing and More!
New Version 12.0 with Windows 8 support and even more formats and features!

Transcription Interface with foot pedal control for .WAV file play back

Heavy-duty Transcription Foot Pedal for Play/Pause and Step Back

Formats Played:
New! Music .CDA format!
Olympus .DSS
TrueSpeech .WAV
Voice-It TM .SRI
New! 11 New Video Formats
BCB Play All
ProCat TM
Speex, .AUD
Walkabout TM
New! Blackberry and iPhone
Digital Voice
and more ...

Designed for the Professional Transcriptionist


  • Plays .WAV formats (all types) .MP3 .WMA TrueSpeech .WAV as well as non-standard (proprietary) dictation formats.
  • Ultra Play technology enhances sound clarity. Transcribe 10 or even 20 hour-long recordings with adjustable playback speed!
  • New! Support for Windows 8
  • New! Supports Audio Playback of 14 new video formats.
  • Smart Line Counter keeps track of how many characters or lines you've typed.
  • New! Supports BlackBerry™ and iPhone audio formats
  • Send and receive digital transcription over the internet!
  • StopWatch feature lets you bill by job/time.
  • New! TrueUpdate means your software and features will always be up to date.
  • Convert and save non-standard formats into standard .WAV, TrueSpeechTM .WAV, or .MP3 formats.
  • New! File Drag-N-Drop: Drop any file on top of Start-Stop for instant load & play!
  • Ultra Job Manager with column sorting, automatic job status and FTP for automatic upload and download.
  • Multi-Language Support (English, Spanish, and French)
  • New! Built-In Network Pro Work-Sharing feature is now included free of charge! Allows multiple transcriptionists to work on a group of folders or files, over any local or VPN, with instant status viewable by all.
  • Auto-Pop-up Notification notifies you when a new dictation comes in!
  • Windows 8 and 7 TM Compatible! (as well as Windows Vista/XP/2K/ME and 98SE)
  • Built-in seamless, automatic
    HIPAA 128-bit decryption for audio
    dictation files created by the
    HTH Voice Input Station or the
    Start Stop Transport System


On Sale!! Only $169 (Includes Toll-Free Tech Support, 1 year warranty, and Free Software Upgrades for the life of the product.) Choice of USB, Serial or Gameport interface.

Click here button for more information on Start-Stop UNIVERSAL


Start-Stop Call-In Recorder

Phone-In dictation is cost effective and convenient. No matter the size of your organization, this call-in system makes economic and workflow sense. This PC-based system is quick to set up, stores dictation on your network, and makes it easy for transcriptionists to sort, access, and share from the dictation pool. Call-In dictation allows dictation authors from down the hall or across the planet to phone in important information.

Start-Stop Call-In Recorder
  • Available in 2 or 4 line systems
  • Stores comprehensive author and demographic data
  • Customize recording settings by author
  • Easy PC-based interface makes organizing authors and dictation quick and simple
Click here button for more information on Start-Stop Call-In Recorder

Start-Stop Drag'N Mute

Start-Stop Drag'N Mute

  • Control your Dragon microphone with simple foot pedal control
  • Prevent interruptions from spoiling your dictation
  • Easy to install and use
  • High-quality USB foot pedal with extended cable
Click here button for more information on Start-Stop Drag'N Mute

We will be closed on July 4th in observance of Independence Day! Enjoy the holiday and be safe!

To celebrate, through July 3rd to July 5th, use the discount code, FIRECRACKER, and get 10% off all Start-Stop brand products shown on the website!

Lady Liberty and USA Flag

E-Mail Dictation over the Internet!
Click Here for Details

Olympus DS-7000 Digital Recorder

With a beautiful color LCD screen, powerful security features and superior sound quality, the Olympus DS-7000 is the new choice for professional handheld dictation.
Olympus DS-7000 Click here for details on the Olympus DS-7000 Digital Recorder and our large selection of Digital Recorders at Deep-Discounted prices!

High-Quality Dictation
over the Internet!

  • E-Mail dictation files to your transcriptionist.

Click here button for more information on Olympus DS-7000

GoldenEar R44 PRO 4-Channel Conference Recording and Transcription System

GoldenEar R44 PRO 4-Channel Conference Recording and Transcription System

This complete, turn-key kit allows you to record four channels easily and portably. It is perfect for recording boardroom meetings, city council meetings, courtrooms, hearings, seminars, expert panels, focus groups, and more!

Then transcribe using our unique 4-channel foot pedal controlled transcriber--single out a channel or listen to them all at once. Switch back and forth with customizable hotkeys and the 3-pedal USB footswitch.

  • True 4-channel recording includes everything you need to get started
  • Unique 4-chanel transcription
  • Portable and simple to set up
  • Single out individual channels for accurate transcription
Click here button for more infomation on the GoldenEar R44 Pro 4-Channel Conference Recording and Transcription System

Start-Stop DTS Conference Recording and Transcription System

Start-Stop DTS Conference Recording and Transcription System

This custom designed Multi-track Conference Recording and Transcription system by Start-Stop is ideal for any large scale (and small scale) conference building whether you are a governing legislative body, a government agency, college, or large corporation.

  • Suitable for Large Conference Room Recording and Real-Time Transcription.
  • Designed to meet the recording needs of large meetings like Parliaments and Legislatures.
  • Advanced ergonomics and workflow features.
  • Modular and fully Expandable, Now and in the Future.
  • Multiple-Language Compatibility.
Click here button for more information on the Start-Stop DTS Conference Recording and Transcription System

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 sets the standard in voice recognition software with top-notch accuracy, EMR support, vocabularies for over 90 specialties, regional accent support, and supports HIPAA regulations. Dictate directly into Windows based EMRs for more complete and accurate patient records faster than most people type—reduce costs and increase the quality of care.

  • Reduces transcription costs by keeping transcription in-house
  • Works with your EMR/EHR
  • Macros can automate tedious and common office tasks
  • Control your computer with your own voice
  • Order from and get Transcription Made Easy, the ultimate Dragon document editing tool, free
  • Free lifetime concierge technical support
Click here button for more information on Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

Start-Stop Microscope Hands-Free

Start-Stop Call-In Recorder

Combine the power of a professional handheld dictation recorder with the flexibility of a gooseneck microphone. Add foot pedal control and one-touch download to turn your workspace into a clear, convenient, and powerful dictation station.

  • Designed with Pathologists and Researchers in mind
  • Control your dictation while focusing on your work, completely hands free
  • Download dictation from the recorder with a flip of a switch
Click here button for more information on Start-Stop Microscope Hands-Free

Start-Stop OmniVersal Audio/Video/DVD Transcription System!
Start-Stop OmniVersal Audio/Video/DVD Transcription System!

Control the speed and playback of virtually any digital recording. Whether it's Audio, CDs, Digital Dictation, Hollywood, compressed, proprietary-burned DVDs, Video clips, streaming web videos, of conference recordings.

  • World's most Versatile and Robust Transcription System.
  • Transcribe Audio, Video, and DVD with Foot Pedal Control.
  • Complete Digital Video and Audio Transcription System comes with Infinity 3-Pedal USB Footswitch, Spectra PC Headset
  • Windows 8 Compatible! (as well as Windows 7/Vista/XP/2K/ 32 and 64bit versions)

(Includes Toll-Free Tech Support, 1 year warranty, and Free Software Upgrades for the life of the product.)

Click Here For More on Start-Stop OmniVersal Audio/Video/DVD Transcription System Button

Start-Stop Secure WIRELESS 4 & 8-Channel Conference Recording / Transcription System
  • Wireless Solution for courtroom recording, depositions, hearings, boardroom meetings, city council meetings, seminars, and more!
Start-Stop Secure WIRELESS 4 & 8-Channel Conference Recording/Transcription System
  • Secure digital 128-bit encrypted signal on an exclusive “DECT” frequency band allocated by the FCC.
  • Packaged with the Start-Stop Transcription System.
Click Here button For More on Start-Stop Secure Wireless 4 & 8 Channel Conference Recording / Transcription Systems

Start-Stop Hands-Free
Dictation System II

StartStop Hands-Free Dictation System II
  • Crystal-clear capture while working 2 feet away from the highly directional array pickup microphone.
  • Review/Playback of dictation just created using the foot pedal, with Insert and Append features.
  • Near-instant transmission of your dictation upon completion, via email, FTP, or LAN
    (or all 3 at once).
Click here button for Start-Stop Hands Free Dictation System II at work in Lab
Start-Stop® Waterproof Hands-Free Dictation System
Start-Stop Waterproof Hands-Free Dictation System
  • Designed with the laboratory in mind. It's ideal for pathology and research dictation when your eyes and hands can't be taken from your work and equipment needs to be secured against the working environment.
  • Total hands-free operation with record/pause, listen/review and save functions operated under foot pedal control.
  • Near-instant download of dictation to any transcriptionist (local or via internet) by flipping a single “DICTATE/DOWNLOAD” toggle switch.
Click here button for Start-Stop® Waterproof Hands-Free Dictation System

SpeechExec Mobile Dictation for Apple iOS™ & Android™ Devices

Start-Stop Secure WIRELESS 4 & 8-Channel Conference Recording/Transcription System

Professional quality dictation, encryption and delivery on your iPhone, iPad, and Android OS device!

  • 128-bit encryption
  • Encrypted file transfer via SSL
  • Password-protected access to the application
  • LITE iPhone & Andoid version outputs standard DSS and MP3 files.
  • Enterprise iPhone & Android versions outputs standard .AAC files.
Click here button for Cell Phone Dictation and Transcription

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