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As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Word - Dictatered arrowWord - Dockred arrowWords - Transcript Pops Out

Getting your words turned into typewritten documents has never been easier! Pick up your digital Dragon certified dictation recorder, dictate a sentence of a paragraph for an entire document into the recorder. If you don't like or want to review the last sentence that you just dictated, merely hold down the spring-loaded slide switch in the rewind position, listen to what you just dictated, and then hit overwrite or insert, just like a tape recorder.

At any given moment you can dock the recorder to the computer (on the Olympus DS 7000 and Philips DPM 8000 models, a docking station is included), and in approximately 10 seconds your dictations will be transferred to the target computer. The dictation management software that is included with the digital recorder will automatically type up your dictation into an MS-Word document, with up to 99% accuracy, using Dragon NaturallySpeaking (professional, legal, or medical ).

No humans need to be present to get a high-quality document typed! Your assistant can proof the document and hear your own voice played back as each word is highlighted, and any corrections made will go back into the author's user profile, so it becomes even more accurate over time. For quality automated transcription, look no further than our digital transcription kits.

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Digital Recorder/Speech Recognition Bundles

Our automation bundles provide a seamless productivity solution where you just dictate and dock, and Microsoft Word documents pop out on the other end for proofreading or listening to them on your computer.


Perfect for business use with full English vocabulary, 3rd party editing, and full integration with digital recorders.


Perfect for legal use with full English vocabulary, 3rd party editing, full integration with digital recorders.

Add to any package above: Mobile APP Dictation provides ability to dictate while in court on the road or anywhere and have your dictations flow back to the main office for transcription by Dragon professional or Dragon legal.


With support for 90 medical specialties from Anesthesiology to Urology to Veterinary Medicinethese bundles will streamline your workflow and save you precious time in your medical practice.


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Speech Recognition Software

Straight up speech recognition using the built-in headset microphone or optional input devices, dictate directly into your computer.

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Philips SpeechLive

Philips SpeechLive Service.

Cloud Based Dictation/Transcription Service.
  • All your dictations always where you are
  • Your personal assistant in the cloud
  • Works across multiple devices
  • SpeechLive works seamlessly with the Philips dictation recorder for Smartphones, allowing you to create one complete workflow
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