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Transcription Headsets

These top-quality medical transcription USB headsets and headphones ensure comfort and quality—at a good price.

  • USB and 3.5mm connections available
  • Compatible with most PCs, Macs, and laptops
  • Transcription headphones feature lightweight designs and under-the-chin fitment
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Transcription Headsets

  • Re-Dictation Kit: Nuance Dragon Professional Individual v15 and the Andrea NC-185 VM USB Noise Canceling PC Headset
    Re-Dictation Kit - Computer Transcription Model# 71034
      Make your computer work for you. Your computer can type the transcript as repeated by a human into the microphone, with 99% accuracy and only minor corrections needed. Re-Dictation: Add Nuance®...

  • Spectra SP-300BT (Bluetooth) Wireless Transcription Headset
    Spectra SP-300BT Wireless Transcription Headset Model# 86215
    Wireless Freedom comes to transcription!   Employ the Spectra SP-300BT Wireless Transcription Headset for up to 5-hours of continuous use from a single charge. The Spectra USB headset is Bluetooth 4 compatible...

  • Spectra Ear Bud USB Headset (SP-EB USB)
    Spectra Ear Bud USB Headset (SP-EB USB) Model# 30590
    $34.95 $34.50
    Designed for hours of transcription use, these feather-light, easy-to-use Spectra ear bud USB headset disappears at work freeing you from the common uncomfortable headset distraction allowing you to transcribe freely. The...

  • Spectra USB PC Headset
    Spectra USB PC Headset Model# 30585
    * Stereo * Our Price.....$33.00 Twin-speaker stereo Headset with DIGITAL volume control Dome-shaped sound chambers fit the contour of any ear. Very lightweight design - just a trace over 1 Ounce! Description: New...

  • Spectra PC Headset
    Spectra PC Headset Model# 30570
    * Stereo * Our Price.....$19.95 Twin-speaker stereo headset with long 10 foot cord! 3.5mm Right Angle PC stereo plug fits most PCs Description: For a basic economy, comfortable headset, nothing beats the Spectra...

  • FlexFone FLX-10 PC Headset
    FlexFone FLX-10 PC Headset Model# 30390
    * Stereo / Monaural Switch * Our Price.....$29.95 Volume control wheel at the lapel - gives increased clarity Velvet-like drawstring storage pouch is included Description: The FlexFone FLX-10 Digital Headset...

  • Spectra Headset Replacement Ear Cushions
    Spectra Headset Replacement Ear Cushions Model# 30586
    Replacement Foam Ear Cushions for the Spectra PC and USB Headsets Model #30586 Our Price.....$2.00 per pair Fits Spectra PC, Spectra USB, and FLX-10 headsets. Comfort for long sessions.  Description: These...

  • AL-60 USB Aluminum Headset
    AL-60 USB Aluminum Hinged-Stethoscope Headset Model# 30587
    * Monaural * Our Price.....$34.00 Aluminum Design gives you a durable, yet comfortable feel. Description: The AL-60 USB Aluminum Hinged-Stetho headset has a digital volume control on a 10 foot cord. You will...

  • SH-50 USB Hinged Monaural Headset
    SH-50 USB Hinged Monaural Headset Model# 30589
    * Monaural * Our Price.....$31.00 Adjusts for comfort - to relieve pressure from your ears. Plastic construction with metal hinge and digital volume control. Description: The SH-50 USB Hinged Headset has a...

  • SH-55 USB Y-shaped Headset
    SH-55 USB Y-shaped Headset Model# 30591
    * Monaural * Our Price.....$31.00 Wishbone style headset with cushioned ear pieces. Description: The SH-55 USB Hinged Headset has a digital volume control on a 10 foot cord. You will experience comfort and...

  • Olympus E-62 Deluxe Stereo Headset
    Olympus E-62 Deluxe Stereo Headset Model# 43220
    * STEREO * Our Price.....$49.00 This deluxe stereo headset comes with a long 10.4 foot cord to connect to your PC soundcard. Description: Olympus OEM Deluxe stereo transcription headset has an improved design to...

  • Olympus E-102 Stereo Headset
    Olympus E-102 Stereo Headset Model# 43230
    * STEREO * Our Price.....$24.99 The Olympus E-102 lightweight stereo headset frame sits under your chin for comfort and flexibility Description: A value priced headset for comfortable transcription. Use with...


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