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Conference Recorders

Download our free guide to digital conference recording, here.

Digital Stereo Recorders

Conference recorders are unique in that they record in stereo, often with high quality microphones and the abililty to record in high fidelity audio files, such as WAV, MP3, and WAV.

Olympus LS-7 Linear PCM Recorder

Olympus LS-7

Low-cost PCM recording with a unique 3-microphone design

  • Third microphone picks up bass as low as 20Hz
  • 24bit/96kHz Linear PCM Recording
  • Record in WAV, MP3, or WMA
  • Includes Sonority Sound Editing Software
  • Studio grade recording in a handheld
  • 4GB internal flash memory and micro-SD slot
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Olympus DM-2

Olympus DM-2

The most accessible PCM and podcasting recorder ever made.

  • 16bit/48kHz linear PCM recording
  • 4GB of internal flash memory and microSD expansion port
  • Voice guidance and control provides greater usability for blind and sight-impaired users
  • Playback and store Daisy,, WMA, and MP3 music files, audio books, and podcasts
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Olympus DM-620

Olympus DM-620

The economical choice for podcasters, video bloggers, and audio enthusiasts

  • Comes with Olympus Sonority for editing and file management
  • Batteries are rechargeable via USB connection
  • 10 recording modes in WMA, WAV, and MP3
  • 3 microphones: 2 directional stereo condenser mics + 1 center omni-directional mic for low bass
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Olympus LS-20M HD Video/Linear PCM Recorder

Olympus LS-20m

1080P HD video with hi-fi stereo audio

  • 1080P HD Video
  • Image stabilization
  • 4x digital zoom
  • 24bit/96kHz Linear PCM Recording
  • Condensor microphones
  • Studio grade recording in a handheld
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Conference Recording Systems

These larger conference recording systems are for capturing and transcribing speech from multiple participants in boardroom meetings, city council meetings, courtrooms, hearings, seminars, expert panels and focus groups.

Complete Roland R44 4-Channel Recording and Transcription System

Roland R44

A lightweight, portable, modular four-channel transcription and recording system that includes four microphones and the Start-Stop 4-Channel Transcriber.

  • Includes Start-Stop 4-Channel Transcriber
  • Includes four CM-1000 Conference Microphones
  • A turnkey multi-channel recoding and transcription system
  • Records to included 32GB SD memory card
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Philips LFH-955 Recording System

Philips LFH-955

Philips total conference recording system.

  • Includes two omnidirectional conference microphones
  • Includes clip-on interview microphone
  • Includes remote control, USB docking station, power supply, and rechargeable batteries
  • Includes metal carrying case, adapter cables, mini-USB cables
  • Removable media with included 1GB SD memory card
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Start-Stop Superflow Continuous Recording System

Start-Stop Superflow Continuous Recording System

Record long meetings and transcribe in near real-time.

For Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 $799.00
  • Breaks on-going recordings into sections for transcription
  • Share transcription with several pool transcriptionists
  • Manage author identification
  • Track productivity with time-stamped logs
  • 44KHz stereo recording into MP3 format
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Conference Microphone Systems

These external microphones give your handheld digital recorder extended reach and coverage.

Olympus ME30W Conference Microphone Kit

Olympus ME30W Microphone Kit

External microphone kit for Olympus stereo recorders.

  • 20Hz - 20,000Hz frequency response
  • Standard 3.5mm microphone plug (standard for most digital recorders and computers)
  • -38 dB sensitivity
  • Record professional quality music, concerts, and meetings
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CM-1000 Conference Microphone

CM-1000 Conference Microphone

Exceptional conference recording at a fraction of the price.

$59.00 each
  • High quality components with high level output
  • Works with all handheld digital recorders and PCs
  • Includes 5' cord
  • Background and white noise reduction
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Revolabs xTag Wireless USB Microphone

Revolabs xTag Wireless Microphone

Wireless, rechargeable USB microphone.

  • Wireless microphone perfect for videos, podcasting, or pacing about
  • Secure 128bit encryption
  • Recharges quickly with included base
  • Plug and Play USB connection
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CM-1000 Conference Microphone Kit

CM-1000 Conference Microphone Kit

Save with the CM-1000 Conference Kit.

$119.99 each
  • Includes 2 x CM-1000 microphones with Y-splitter
  • High quality components with high level output
  • Works with all handheld digital recorders and PCs
  • Includes 5' cord
  • Background and white noise reduction
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Specialty Transcription Systems

These specialty transcribers by HTH Engineering, Inc. were originally custom designed for clients with unique requirements. Perhaps you'll be able to benefit from these

Start-Stop 4-Channel Transcriber

Start-Stop Four Channel Transcriber

Professional transcription for four-channel files.

  • Complete flexibility in channel selection
  • Based on the proven Start-Stop UNIVERSAL Transcription System
  • Works with Start-Stop GoldenEar 4X PRO and Roland R44 recorders
  • Turns your PC into a professional transcriber
  • Free tech support and upgrades for life
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