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Start-Stop GoldenEar Digital 4-Channel Council/Boardroom Conference Recording and Transcription System with Wireless PA

Start-Stop GoldenEar Digital 4-Channel Council/Boardroom Conference Recording and Transcription System with Wireless PA

Digital conference recording and transcription solution for city council and boardroom meetings.

Our dictation transcription software is portable and easy to setup, with crystal-clear capture of all voices, including the audience/podium, and ability to transcribe and separate the voices on playback under foot pedal control while typing into your favorite word processor.

No PC is required during the recording session. Our digital transcription software will allow clear, accurate recording of up to 4 simultaneous channels.

It’s an all-inclusive system (turn-key, plug and play, with transcription function using any PC running Windows XP -Windows 10).Your system includes turn-key “concierge” setup and lifetime tech support via GotoMeeting™ and/or telephone, to insure your total satisfaction. We also offer an 8-channel recording/transcription system.



R-44 Solid-State 4-Channel Recorder

The R-44 Four Channel Recorder comprises a state-of-the art, reliable, extremely high quality meeting transcription software that will capture every whisper or voice, even in less than optimal environments.

Features like real-time confidence monitoring via headphones and “live” VU bar graphs, individual gain and monitoring controls, ability to cycle through each channel to hear the microphone you want, AC and battery-backup operation, and built-in microphones make this the best, most reliable unit available today for courtroom recording.

The recordings can be quickly downloaded to any Windows PC via the SD Memory Card, as WAV files (a 32GB SD memory card will record 377 minutes of CD-Quality audio x 4 channels).

The recorded audio files from the Roland system, consisting of four WAV files (Windows playable) audio files, can be saved to your PC, and converted to MP3 for IPODs, or burned to a low-cost CD (Data or Audio compact disc) for archiving and/or distribution.

Start-Stop 4-Channel Transcription System

(See www.startstop.com/sst4ch.asp for detailed specifications)

The unique Start-Stop 4-Channel Transcriber, compatible with the R-44 Solid State Recorder, provides professional grade four-channel transcription based on our Start-Stop UNIVERSAL Transcriber, a trusted name in digital transcription. Listen to any combination of channels: single channel, multiple channels, or all channels while controlling the recording with the foot pedal. This setup is familiar for professional transcriptionists and is easy to learn for beginners.

Start-Stop GN-4 Noise-Cancelling Directional Gooseneck Conference Microphones with Mute Switches
he GN-4 microphone is strong, accurate, and is willing to come to you. Both feature an 18" flexible neck and sturdy weighted base, making these the professional's desktop dictation microphone. These unidirectional, monaural microphones reduce background noise and reduce windscreen noise, enabling clear desktop dictation.

Bend the gooseneck and get in close for crystal-clear dictation. The GN-4 connects with a standard XLR series microphone plug, for industry compatibility.  Pickup pattern is  a 30 degree cone, out to about 5 feet, with noise cancelling.

  • A sturdy and stable, non-skid matte-finish base
  • Flexible 18 inch neck that can be easily positioned and relied on to keep its place
  • An included windscreen which reduces wind and ambient noise
  • A unidirectional, monaural microphone for clear dictation

Extension Cords - Qty 7 Total, XLR-XLR Male/Female, heavy duty, shielded (Qty 6 x 25 ft. and Qty 1 x 12 ft. ) For use with Wireless Microphone and the 6 Desktop Microphones, plus interconnecting Cables from Roland R-44 (Qty 4)

Start-Stop Wireless P.A. System

This is a custom UHF Wireless P.A. System in the back of the meeting room. Speaker is Active Powered, with self-contained battery. Easily removes from Stand for storage, with Charger and Wireless transmitter (Transmitter is at sending end). Fast setup and break-down.

  • Built-in UHF system
  • 2-way speaker enclosure with 6-inch woofer
  • 1-inch high frequency driver
  • Lightweight, Class D amplifier produces 40 watts of power
  • Runs on AC Power or Rechargeable Battery
  • Heavy Duty Stand with adjustable height

 Peavey Digitool LIVE™ Mixing System - Accommodates Live Wireless Microphone and individual gain controls for each of the 7 council microphones.

 We perform custom programming, integration and test of the entire system prior to shipment.

Concierge Technical Support Included via telephone and/or GotoMeeting



  • Start-Stop Golden-Ear R44 System shown with 7 Gooseneck Push-to-Mute Microphones, Start-Stop 4-Channel Transcription System,  with 8 Channel Digital Mixer and custom Wireless PA with Stand

Start-Stop GoldenEar Digital 4-Channel Council/Boardroom Conference Recording and Transcription System with Wireless PA

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