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  • CM-1000 Conference Microphone (3.5mm jack)
    CM-1000 Conference Microphone (3.5mm jack) Model# 25540
    (We also offer a USB Conference Microphone) The CM-1000 Conference Microphone provides an effective, affordable, and extensible solution to conference recording. It is designed to work with any digital recorder with a...

  • CM-1000 Conference Microphone (USB)
    CM-1000 Conference Microphone (USB) Model# 25545
    Our Price: $89.99   Plug this CM 1000 USB conference microphone into any desktop or laptop for quick and easy conference-style, omnidirectional recording. You can also daisy chain CM-1000 (3.5mm plug) microphones...

  • CM-1000 Conference Microphone Kit
    CM-1000 Conference Microphone Kit Model# 30844
    Our Price: $119.99   Two CM-1000 microphones plus Y-splitter. Maintains true left/right separation when used with any of our conference recorders, with the included 3.5mm Left/Right Y-Cable. Microphone kit's...

  • TalkTech Sylencer Speechmask
    TalkTech Sylencer Speechmask Model# 76205
    Sylencer Speech Mask Microphone for Dragon -- HIPAA compliance for your face. Our Price... $359.99 The Sylencer is an ergonomically designed, hand-held speechmask that provides instant HIPAA compliance even while...

  • PC Conference Recording Kit
    PC Conference Recording Kit Model# 28846
    Our Price... 389.00 Includes: 4 x CM-1000 Conference Microphones 2 x Andrea PureAudio USB Adapters concierge free technical support Free UPS Ground shipping One year warranty...

  • Logitech S-120 Speakers
    Logitech S-120 Speakers Model# 28845
    Our Price... $24.95 This product is a component to the HTH GoldenEar Voice Writing System. Sold as a pair. Enhanced acoustics delivers smooth audio performance. Redesigned base. Sturdy design and strong audio...

  • HTH GoldenEar Voice Writing Software
    HTH GoldenEar Voice Writing Software Model# 28843
    Software only, no hardware included. Our Price... $899.00 Includes: 1 Year License HTH GoldenEar Voice Writing Software User manual Concierge free technical support Free UPS Ground shipping This product is the...


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