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Welcome to your pathology dictation and transcription solution center! We offer a wide variety of waterproof and hands-free medical dictation equipment packages. Browse through our lab-ready, high-quality pathology transcription and dictation equipment solutions or contact us toll-free at (866) 254-0714 to speak to a pathology dictation and transcription specialist.


Pathology Dictation and Transcription Products

Start-Stop™ Waterproof Pathology Hands-Free Dictation System

Start-Stop Waterproof Pathology Hands-Free Dictation System

The Start-Stop Waterproof Pathology Hands-Free Dictation System is a complete dictation package for pathology grossing stations. Rugged waterproof equipment combined with one-touch downloading and transferring of encrypted files makes it ideal for tough working environments. This system is easily expandable and reconfigurable with support for up to 16 stations running concurrently on a single PC located up to 131 feet away.

Product Includes:

Start-Stop™ Microscope Hands Free Dictation System

Start-Stop Microscope Hands Free

The Start-Stop Microscope Hands-Free Dictation System is designed with flexibility in mind. Combining the recording power of the Olympus DS-7000 with a durable gooseneck microphone, heavy-duty 3 pedal DAC foot control, and our custom COMM Download Kit, it is ideal for pathology and research dictation.

Product Includes:

Hands-Free Dictation System II

Hands Free Dictation System II

This hands free dictation system is a second generation design, created especially for those who work in a lab or clean room. The directional Andrea microphone reduces background noise, ensuring high-quality audio. Dictation can then instantly be sent to your office network or off-site via HIPAA-compliant email or FTP.

Product Includes:
  • Start-Stop Digital Hands-Free Recording Software on CD-ROM
  • Andrea Superbeam Array Microphone & USB Audio Adapter OR  Gooseneck Microphone OR VoxStar™ Wireless Bluetooth
  • USB 3-Pedal Footswitch
  • (Optional) Wireless Plantronics Headset/Microphone
  • User Manual
  • One year warranty & 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Concierge Technical Support

Start-Stop™ Ultra HandsFree Wireless Dictation System

Start-Stop Deluxe Ultra Hands Free Wireless Dictation System

The Start-Stop Ultra HandsFree Wireless Dictation System was designed with the laboratory in mind. It's ideal for pathology and surgical dictation with convenient, untethered, hands-free operation.

Product Includes:
  • Olympus DS-7000 Professional Dictation Recorder
  • Revolabs™ Single Channel Wireless Microphone System
  • HTH Engineering Attenuation Adapter
  • Waterproof DAC 3-Pedal Footswitch
  • (Deluxe Kit Only) COMM One-Button Download Kit
  • One year warranty & 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Concierge Technical Support

Telephone-Based Pathology Dictation System

Telephone Based-Pathology Dictation System

The Telephone-Based Pathology Dictation System provides closed-loop telephony or telephone dictation in a rugged, reliable, and familiar package. This system is incredibly extensible, allowing for systems to suit any organization. This is an ideal replacement for aging Lanier dictation systems.

Product Includes:

Start-Stop™ PEDAL POWER for Dragon Medical

Start-Stop Pedal Power for Dragon Medical at work in Lab

Use a heavy-duty foot pedal to send keystrokes and commands to Dragon Medical Software while doing hands-free dictation in a Pathology or surgery environment! Control Dragon Medical's microphone on/off function, playback, Next Field, and any other hotkey controllable function, without moving your eyes from your work!

Product Includes:
  • Hospital grade components ensure reliability and longevity in hostile environments.
  • Waterproof or Non-Waterproof foot pedals.
  • Highest quality, heavy, professional GN-USB Gooseneck Microphone with 18" flexible boom, speech-recognition quality, noise-cancelling.
  • Field-reprogammable
  • User Manual
  • Concierge Technical Support

Custom Engineering Solution

HTH Engineering Custom Bundles

Let HTH Engineering, Inc. help you make your lab digital ready with our extensive catalog of high-quality transcription and dictation equipment. Our knowledgable sales staff will be able to assist you in creating the perfect custom solution for all your dictation and transcription needs.

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