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Digital Dictation Recorders and Systems

Olympus and Philips Digital Dictation Recorders

Digital Dictation Recorders are especially well-suited for physicians, attorneys, investigators, and business users where it's a requirement to accurately construct sentences and paragraphs as you go, for later transcription. If you make a mistake, merely rewind, and play forward to that point, then hit Record and continue!

Phone-In Dictation and Transcription

Phone-In dictation still proves to be the most economical, timely, and easy to manage dictation solution for many organizations. The digital revolution makes it easier and cheaper than ever.

Philips SpeechExec Mobile for iPhone® & iPad®

The new generation of handheld digital dictations recorders—your cell phone. For iPhone®, iPad®, and BlackBerry®.

Pathology Dictation and Transcription

Browse through our lab-ready, high-quality pathology solutions. Hands-free, waterproof, and wireless solutions are available.

Hands-free wireless dictation microphones

The hands-free microphones were originally designed for doctors, researchers, and pathologists in mind. However, we are constantly surprised by our customers in many different fields that have found them essential to their work.

Digital Dictation Accessories

From batteries to professional dictation headsets, we have everything you need.

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