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Banner image of Courtroom with words - Empower the 21st Century Courtroom with HTH Engineering and never miss a word.

Court Reporting & Voicewriting Solutions

Record proceedings or transcribe them instantly with your own voice with these complete recording and transcription suites.

Complete Roland R44 4-Channel Recording and Transcription System

A lightweight, portable, modular four-channel transcription and recording system that is exceptional for recording court proceedings. This kit includes four microphones and the Start-Stop 4-Channel Transcriber.

  • Includes Start-Stop 4-Channel Transcriber
  • Includes four CM-1000 Conference Microphones
  • A turnkey multi-channel recording and transcription system
  • All channels are recorded onto the included 32GB SD memory card (more cards can be purchased)
Roland R44

Our custom designed Secure Wireless Four-Channel recording and transcription system is adaptable and ideal for courtrooms, convention centers, and boardrooms. It includes the Start-Stop® 4-Channel Transcriber.

  • Includes the Start-Stop® 4-Channel Transcriber
  • Includes the Roland™ R44 Four-Channel Solid State Recorder
  • Includes the Revolabs Executive HD™ Wireless Multi-channel Microphone System
  • Includes 4 Revolabs HD™ Tabletop Directional or OmniDirectional Wireless Microphone
  • Records to included 32GB SD memory card
Start-Stop Secure WIRELESS 4-Channel Conference Recording/Transcription System

Our new portable digital conference recording and transcription kit is a custom designed Four-Channel system engineered to capture all voices, including the audience/podium. It is portable, adaptable, and ideal for city councils and boardrooms. It includes the Start-Stop® Universal Transcriber.

  • Includes the Start-Stop 4-Channel Transcription System
  • Includes custom UHF wireless PA
  • Includes R-44 Solid-State 4-Channel Recorder
  • Includes Start-Stop GN-4 Noise-Cancelling Directional Gooseneck Conference Microphones with Mute Switches
  • No PC required during recording session.
HTH GoldenEar Voice Writing System

Voice writing courtroom reporting system with recording and playback.

For Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, Microsoft Word 2000+, and Dragon 10 Professional $1,499.00
  • Create verbatim courtroom documents
  • Records both the courtroom and the court reporter in separate channels
  • Includes 4 CM-1000 microphones for complete courtroom coverage
  • Playback recorded audio over included PC speakers
  • Playback from any point by selecting the place on the document
Philips DPM8900 Pocket Memo Meeting Recorder Kit

Complete, portable conference recording

  • Fast setup for hassle-free installation
  • Superior Audio recording via 360-degree sound pick-up Philips LFH9172 microphones
  • Designed around industry-standard filetypes and accessories
  • MP3, PCM and DSS recording
  • Includes elegant, professional carrying case and Philips DPM8000 Digital Recorder
Take a 90 Course to become a Court Reporter

You are just 90 Days away from being a qualified court reporter.

A court reporter with a high school diploma and a proper training in voice writing can earn $60,000 a year or more. Call or email for Details

Voice writing is court reporting with the speed and accuracy of your own voice. Traditional schooling for court reporting takes three years of intense training—through this program you can learn to be a voice writer in less than 90 days.

Voice writing utilizes the newest and most accurate in voice recognition technology and replaces the old stenograph. In a nutshell, you listen to the court proceeding and repeat what you hear. Voice recognition software transcribes your words and notations to create an official courtroom record.

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Court Reporting & Voicewriting


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