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Banner image of Courtroom with words - Empower the 21st Century Courtroom with HTH Engineering and never miss a word.

Court Reporting & Voicewriting Solutions

Record proceedings or transcribe them instantly with your own voice with these complete recording and transcription suites.

Complete Roland R44 4-Channel Recording and Transcription System

A lightweight, portable, modular four-channel transcription and recording system that is exceptional for recording court proceedings. This voice writing court report kit includes four microphones and the Start-Stop 4-Channel Transcriber.

  • Includes Start-Stop 4-Channel Transcriber
  • Includes four CM-1000 Conference Microphones
  • A turnkey multi-channel recording and transcription system
  • All channels are recorded onto the included 32GB SD memory card (more cards can be purchased)
Roland R44

Our custom designed Secure Wireless Four-Channel recording and transcription system is adaptable and ideal for courtrooms, convention centers, and boardrooms. It includes the Start-Stop® 4-Channel Transcriber.

  • Includes the Start-Stop® 4-Channel Transcriber
  • Includes the Roland™ R44 Four-Channel Solid State Recorder
  • Includes the Revolabs Executive HD™ Wireless Multi-channel Microphone System
  • Includes 4 Revolabs HD™ Tabletop Directional or OmniDirectional Wireless Microphone
  • Records to included 32GB SD memory card
Start-Stop Secure WIRELESS 4-Channel Conference Recording/Transcription System

Our new portable digital conference recording and transcription kit is a custom designed Four-Channel system engineered to capture all voices, including the audience/podium. It is portable, adaptable, and ideal for city councils and boardrooms. It includes the Start-Stop® Universal Transcriber.

  • Includes the Start-Stop 4-Channel Transcription System
  • Includes custom UHF wireless PA
  • Includes R-44 Solid-State 4-Channel Recorder
  • Includes Start-Stop GN-4 Noise-Cancelling Directional Gooseneck Conference Microphones with Mute Switches
  • No PC required during recording session.
HTH GoldenEar Voice Writing System

Voice writing courtroom reporting system with recording and playback.

For Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, Microsoft Word 2000+, and Dragon 10 Professional $1,499.00
  • Create verbatim courtroom documents
  • Records both the courtroom and the court reporter in separate channels
  • Includes 4 CM-1000 microphones for complete courtroom coverage
  • Playback recorded audio over included PC speakers
  • Playback from any point by selecting the place on the document
Philips DPM8900 Pocket Memo Meeting Recorder Kit

Complete, portable conference recording

  • Fast setup for hassle-free installation
  • Superior Audio recording via 360-degree sound pick-up Philips LFH9172 microphones
  • Designed around industry-standard filetypes and accessories
  • MP3, PCM and DSS recording
  • Includes elegant, professional carrying case and Philips DPM8000 Digital Recorder



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Court Reporting & Voicewriting


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