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Conference Room Recording Systems

Download our free guide to digital conference recording, here.

These larger conference and meeting recording systems are for capturing and transcribing speech from multiple participants in boardroom meetings, city council meetings, courtrooms, hearings, seminars, expert panels, and focus groups.

Roland R44

A lightweight, portable, modular four-channel transcription and recording system that includes four microphones and the Start-Stop 4-Channel Transcriber.

  • Includes Start-Stop 4-Channel Transcriber
  • Includes four CM-1000 Conference Microphones
  • A turnkey multi-channel recording and transcription system
  • Records to included 32GB SD memory card
Start-Stop Low-Cost Conference Recording Systems

Lightweight and portable digital recording system designed for small to medium size conference rooms. This is a low-cost turn-key meeting recorder device and transcription kit.

Two kits available $478.93 and $598.92
  • Includes Start-Stop Universal Transcription System
  • Includes two or four CM-1000 Conference Microphones depending on kit selection
  • Includes Olympus LS-P4 Recorder
  • Free Concierge and Technical Support

Download our free guide to digital conference recording, here.

Start-Stop Secure WIRELESS 4-Channel Conference Recording/Transcription System

Our custom designed Secure Wireless Four-Channel recording and transcription system is adaptable and ideal for courtrooms, convention centers, and boardrooms. It includes the Start-Stop® 4-Channel Transcriber.

  • Includes the Start-Stop® 4-Channel Transcriber
  • Includes the Roland™ R44 Four-Channel Solid State Recorder
  • Includes the Revolabs Executive HD™ Wireless Multi-channel Microphone System
  • Includes 4 Revolabs HD™ Tabletop Directional or OmniDirectional Wireless Microphone
  • Records to included 32GB SD memory card
Banner image for Start-Stop PUMA Secure Portable Wireless 8-Channel Conference Recording System showing the PUMA at use in a conference setting.

Our new most portable wireless conference recording and transcription system that is custom designed by our engineers. This board meeting recording system fits in a case that is easily wheeled and stored no matter whether you are traveling via auto, airplane, or train.

  • Portable, airline transportable, set it up in 5 minutes for any meeting
  • Crystal Clear, every word captured
  • Efficient, wireless convenience
  • Easy to use, one-button Recording
  • Wireless Microphone for Public/Audience or pass-around
  • Carrying/Storage cases included
  • Lapel Clip for Projector/Presenter (wearable)
  • Wireless PA allows audience area to hear board members clearly
  • Optional Add-on of Bluetooth 2 way interface allows call-in members to participate and hear every board member via the 8 wireless microphones, with their voice projected via the Wireless PA
  •  Optional Dragon Re-dictation Package speeds up transcript preparation by a factor of 2 or more.


Start-Stop Secure WIRELESS 4-Channel Conference Recording/Transcription System

Our new portable digital conference recording and transcription kit is a custom designed Four-Channel system engineered to capture all voices, including the audience/podium. This meeting recording device system is portable, adaptable, and ideal for city councils and boardrooms. This digital recording system includes the Start-Stop® Universal Transcriber.

  • Includes the Start-Stop 4-Channel Transcription System
  • Includes custom UHF wireless PA
  • Includes R-44 Solid-State 4-Channel Recorder
  • Includes Start-Stop GN-4 Noise-Cancelling Directional Gooseneck Conference Microphones with Mute Switches
  • No PC required during recording session.
Philips DPM8900 4-Microphone Conference Recording Kit

Complete, portable conference recording

  • Fast setup for hassle-free installation
  • Superior Audio recording via 360-degree sound pick-up Philips LFH9172 microphones
  • Designed around industry-standard filetypes and accessories
  • MP3, PCM and DSS recording
  • Includes elegant, professional carrying case and Philips DPM8000 Digital Recorder

Set up in minutes and capture the whole meeting

  • 2 x 360 degree microphones
  • ClearVoice sound processor
  • Portable meeting recorder
  • Studio-quality MP3 and PCM recording
Olympus DS-9500 Conference Recording Bundle

An excellent choice for those who need to easily transcribe, send to a transcriptionist, or Speech Recognition Software.

$649.00 / $749.00
  • Chose from either the two microphone kit or the four microphone kit
  • Can be used to continuously record in MP3 format.
  • Excellent microphone for picking up conference meeting participants
  • Lithium Ion battery ensures that if the power goes out, the recording can continue.
  • This meeting recorder software integrates easily with Nuance® Dragon Professional, Legal, and Medical software.
Professional Olympus Conference Recording Kit featuring the Olympus DS-9500

Ready to go conference recording kit from Olympus. Send recordings to a transcriptionist or Speech Recognition Software.

  • Features the new Olympus DS- 9500
  • Can be used to continuously record in MP3 format.
  • 6 Superior microphones pick up conference meeting participants
  • Lithium Ion battery ensures that if the power goes out, the recording can continue.
  • Integrates easily with Nuance® Dragon Professional, Legal, and Medical software.
  • Comes with convenient protective carrying case.

Digital Stereo Recorders

These digital voice recording devices for meetings are unique in that they record in stereo, often with high-quality microphones and the ability to record in high-fidelity audio files, such as WAV, MP3, and WAV.

Olympus LS-P4 Linear PCM Digital Recorder

The Tresmic three microphone system delivers unmatched clarity.

  • Tresmic Microphone System
  • Zoom Microphone
  • Bluetooth Connectivity for SmartPhone Control
  • 24bit/96kHz Linear PCM/FLAC Recording
  • Intelligent Auto Mode
  • Studio grade recording in a handheld
Superscope PMR61 Digital Audio Recorder

The Superscope PMR61 is probably one of the most advanced recorders available today, but it is also one of the most easy to use.

  • Touch Screen
  • Automatic Start of Recording
  • AC & DC Powered
  • Multiple Input/Output options
  • File Management and Playback
  • Internal and External Recording Storage

Conference Microphone Systems

These external microphones give your handheld meeting digital recorder extended reach and coverage.

VEC CM-2000BT Bluetooth Conference Microphone

Low Profile Bluetooth Conference Microphone with Playback Speaker.

$95.00 each
  • Wireless Bluetooth microphone with sleek low profile Built in speaker
  • Daisy chain capability and 360º pickup for exceptional sound quality and maximum recording coverage
  • Rechargeable Lithium battery
  • Bluetooth Version 4.0
CM-1000 Conference Microphone

Exceptional conference recording at a fraction of the price.

$59.00 each
  • High quality components with high level output
  • Works with all handheld digital recorders and PCs
  • Includes 5' cord
  • Background and white noise reduction
Revolabs xTag Wireless Microphone

Wireless, rechargeable USB microphone.

  • Wireless microphone perfect for videos, podcasting, or pacing about
  • Secure 128bit encryption
  • Recharges quickly with included base
  • Plug and Play USB connection
CM-1000 Conference Microphone Kit

Save with the CM-1000 Conference Kit.

$119.99 each
  • Includes 2 x CM-1000 microphones with Y-splitter
  • High quality components with high level output
  • Works with all handheld digital recorders and PCs
  • Includes 5' cord
  • Background and white noise reduction


Olympus ME30W Microphone Kit

External microphone kit for Olympus stereo recorders.

  • 20Hz - 20,000Hz frequency response
  • Standard 3.5mm microphone plug (standard for most digital recorders and computers)
  • -38 dB sensitivity
  • Record professional quality music, concerts, and meetings

Specialty Recording Software

Photo of the RecordACall Software Program and CD

RecordACall Software Program.

$59.00 each
  • Record telephone conversations easily and simply on your PC.
  • Includes a license USB dongle that allows you to take it with you.
  • Useful for law enforcement, government agencies, brokerage houses, telemarketing centers, legal, medical, application.
  • Compatible with popular telephone recording adapters.

Specialty Transcription Systems

These specialty transcribers by HTH Engineering, Inc. were originally custom designed for clients with unique requirements. Perhaps you'll be able to benefit from these

Start-Stop Four Channel Transcriber

Professional transcription for four-channel files.

  • Complete flexibility in channel selection
  • Based on the proven Start-Stop UNIVERSAL Transcription System
  • Works with Start-Stop GoldenEar 4X PRO and Roland R44 recorders
  • Turns your PC into a professional transcriber
  • Free tech support and upgrades for life
Start-Stop Superflow Continuous Recording System

Record long meetings and transcribe in near real-time.

For Windows 8 & 7/Vista/XP/2000 $799.00
  • Breaks on-going recordings into sections for transcription
  • Share transcription with several pool transcriptionists
  • Manage author identification
  • Track productivity with time-stamped logs
  • 44KHz stereo recording into MP3 format


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