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HTH Engineering, Inc. is an Elite Dragon® Medical Practice Edition Partner, consistently maintaining the highest integrity in sales and support for Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

BBB Accredited Business graphicAs a proud member of the Better Business Bureau of West Florida (Tampa Bay Region), HTH Engineering, Inc. strives to maintain the highest possible quality and customer service for you, our valued customers!

Meet the HTH Team.
The HTH Team


"We have been using Start Stop Power Play and Start Stop Universal for nearly 15 years. We particularly value the customer service from HTH Engineering, especially when we upgrade our systems. You purchase the software once, and you don’t have to keep on paying, unlike some other software suppliers.

"Software that works and is stable is a must in the transcription services industry. Would highly recommend." Denise Elsdon, Founder / Owner Alphabet Transcription Specialists
"Hello! First of all, thank you so much for not only creating great products, but also keeping up with the times. I have been using said products, first Start-Stop PowerPlay, and now OmniVersal for more than ten years….As I said previously, your products are amazing and I thank you! … I love your products ... it's so funny ... I do transcription for television -- HBO, PBS and they think I'm a genius! I'm not. Your products make me look really good."Mary B.
"Thank you for responding. I got a new iPhone and thought it would need reprogrammed but tried it and everything works great. Sorry to have bothered you. Let me say how wonderful your support team is, especially Marilynn, who has been so patient and helps whenever we call. Can’t say enough how satisfied I am with my dictation recorder and support. I wish all companies and their products were like this. Thanks again. Thankful and pleased customer."Richard Hughes
"I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your update to my StartStop equipment, ancient-ish as it is. Before your intervention, it felt like I was trying to do a job while wearing heavy chains around my body. I was getting nowhere...fast. After you hung up, I whizzed through the reading, skipped what wasn’t to be transcribed, and finished with a big smile on my face. You performed a miracle for this non-techie octogenarian in Boulder!"Loretta G.
"I’ve been dealing with HTH Engineering for several years now. Their products have made my work much easier, the employees are wonderful and my experience has been top drawer throughout EVERY encounter. Rose, Paul and Dave are quick to respond, patient when answering questions, and, given the quality of their products, the prices are beyond reasonable. I’m a customer for life."Margaret A. Shepard, BSN, CET, Shepard Transcription, LLC
"With the help of HTH Engineering's expert training and concierge support, Dr. Nelson shared that the implementation process has not only been seamless, but easy. Moreover, Dragon Medical Practice Edition proved to be faster in recognition and capture timing, with 99% accuracy."
"Thanks to Dragon Medical Practice Edition, the PowerMic II, and HTH Engineering, the Lake Wales Family Practice has an information management software system that helps them achieve maximum productivity, work seamlessly within their EHR, save money, and do what they do best: deliver optimum patient care."
"As a value added partner for Nuance Communications, specifically the Nuance Healthcare division, HTH Engineering has emerged as a leader in the movement towards computerized patient records for medical practices."
"Once our IT person installed the program, right away I was able to use Dragon Medical Practice Edition within my EHR. Using the PowerMic II with the program made dictating my patient-interaction notes very easy to do." J. Nelson, Physician, Lake Wales Family Practice
"I am very impressed with your firm's service. In response to my email regarding shipping the above order by Air, rather than Ground, I received a call from a representative from your company advising that because the delivery date with Ground and Air is the same, the order would be shipped via Ground, the least expensive option. In my experience, a lot of companies don't take the time to (a) check the "accuracy" of the client's choice of delivery methods and (b) inform the client of the lack of distinction between the available methods, i.e., where Ground and 2nd day Air shipments would be delivered the same day."L. O'Brien
"Kudos to HTH for developing Start-Stop and continuing to update it. Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to use different .wav player systems, including Olympia DSS, PAX, and GearPlayer. I am SO glad I chose Start-Stop as my primary system. It is a far superior product to any I have used to date, and as you add the ability to access even more types of files, the need for more than one system is a moot point. Keep up the good work!"J. Williams
"When we first started our transcription company, we went to HTH Engineering, and ALL of our transcriptionists use Start-Stop equipment. It is the best!!! You wouldn't believe the amount of outsourcing of work that can be done in this manner, which will allow you to take on more and more business. We've grown from one person less than seven months ago to over 26 people now, and we're still growing."S. Burgess, President, e-Transcription Solutions
"I recently switched from a PC to a Mac, and I thought I wouldn't be able to use Stop-Start anymore. I researched nearly all of the other transcription software providers out there with much frustration and much dismay, mainly because I could not contact a live person who could offer tech support or answer any questions I had about installation. I wasted at least 8 to 10 hours trying out other transcription systems and got nowhere. Then, I installed VM Ware on my computer so that my Mac could also operate as a PC. Paul, the rockstar of tech support from Stop-Start, contacted me immediately and handled my installation and configuration remotely - all I had to do was sit back and sip my coffee while having a nice, friendly chat with Paul. I'm so happy to still be with a company that values their customers and backs up their products with incredible tech support. Thanks, Paul!"Laurel Hunter - Transcriptionist

I just want to express my heartfelt thanks for the tremendous effort that each of you put into getting my OmniVersal issues resolved, including the quick response over the weekend, even though it was outside of normal business hours. Your patience and perseverance in looking for the smoking gun was above and beyond. I am happy that Marilynn was able to get to the bottom of it, and now I'm able to use OmniVersal on my new system. I have a lengthy editing job to work on this afternoon, but right behind that, waiting in the queue, is a 10-hour video transcription job that is just perfect for seeing how OmniVersal likes my new beefed-up system. I look forward to getting started with that.

You are all super heroes. Thanks so much, and have a wonderful week saving the day for other "users in distress"!Karen Schouest
"Keep up the great work. Your name is being widely spread, and everyone who asks me what equipment I use I always tell them about you."L. Miller
"As a delighted Start-Stop customer since 2003, I just wanted to let you know how very, very much I appreciate your tech support team - especially Tom. I have spoken to Tom a number of times over the years. He has always been, and continues to be, extremely helpful. He resolves all problems with expertise and professionalism. He listens to the problem, and then takes action, always in a pleasant manner and always with a positive outcome. I would imagine you regard Tom as a huge asset to your staff...but I just wanted to add my thanks and appreciation for all the great tech support he has always provided!"Ms. P.P. (transcriptionist)
"Several years ago, my company needed a good digital transcription system solution. I researched the Internet and purchased several digital transcribers, one of which was the "Start-Stop Transcription System." Of all the systems I have tried, this one was by far the best system! I have had to replace every other system and now use the "Start-Stop Transcriber" exclusively. The hardware has been reliable and the software first rate. Thanks, HTH, for a superior product."P. Fuelling, High Quality Records, Inc.
"About 1.5-2 years ago after talking with you, I invested in the Start-Stop transcription system and the Voice-it Digital Recorder for my dissertation research in nursing. I just want you to know that once I learned to use the recorder, and my transcriptionist learned how to use the PC system to transcribe, it worked out wonderfully well. I did a binational research study and spent the summer of 2000 in Oaxaca, southern Mexico interviewing indigenous women. Using xdrive.com, I was able to transfer my voice files for retrieval by my transcriptionist in San Diego...and we continued to use this process even after I returned and interviewed women here in California. My transcriptionist loved the system and wants all future referents to use it as well..."S. McGuire, OP, PhD, RN-C


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