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Tested and approved for the Business Industry by the HTH Engineers.

Business Speech Recognition

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Dragon® Business & Professional Speech Recognition Bundles with Digital Recorders and SMARTPHONE apps

Nuance Dragon Professional Group 15 and the Olympus DS-9500 with the Olympus AS-7000 Transcription Kit and the Philips DPM-8000 with the Philips 7277 Executive Transcription Kit Business man on the go in airport lounge

For business professionals, nothing beats Nuance Dragon Professional Group 15.

Dragon Professional Group 15 is totally integrated with the top of the line Olympus and Philips digital recorders, as well as with the Olympus, and Philips professional transcription systems.

Using these recorders couldn't be easier: just dictate, place the recorder in its cradle, and the dictation will be automatically typed into a Microsoft Word compatible document with no human intervention.

You can be in the office, at home, or sitting in Starbucks with a laptop, and the voice dictations will be transferred to the secretary's computer equipped with Dragon in a few minutes over the internet. The Dragon software can also be loaded directly on the dictator’s PC or laptop, so that when the recorder is connected, a Microsoft Word compatible document pops out in a couple of minutes.

An assistant or secretary can perform a quality check and proofread the document. When looking at the document, you can focus the cursor on any sentence or word, and each word will be highlighted "karaoke style", as the author's voice pronounces each word. All keyboard corrections go back into the author's user profile, and Dragon continues to learn and get even better.

Add to any package above: Mobile APP Dictation provides ability to dictate while in court on the road or anywhere and have your dictations flow back to the main office for transcription by Dragon Professional.

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Digital dictation recorders and Transcription Foot Pedal Systems for business use

Graphic show DS7000, DS3500, DPM8000, DPM7000 Dictation Recorders and Start-Stop Omniversal and Start-Stop Universal Transcription Systems

Dictation Recorders:

These are the recorders we found to be the best for on the go business professionals to use because they are light, compact and simply integrate with Dragon® Professional:

Olympus DS-9500

Olympus's flagship dictation recorder, ideal for professionals.

  • Wi-Fi built-in
  • Tough as nails yet features a superior sound quality via mechanically isolated, multi-mode microphone for conference or dictation recording; Record in DSS and DS2 Formats
  • World's most advanced active phase noise-canceling microphone:
  • Software 256bit file encryption and device password - meets HIPAA requirements
  • Easy and efficient slide switch control
  • Includes 2GB microSD card and SD expansion slot
  • Includes Latest Release 7 Olympus ODMS software
Olympus DS-9000

This mid-line recorder includes most of the DS-7000 features at a lower price point.

  • Tough as nails
  • The Olympus DS-9000 digital voice recorder features the world's most advanced active phase noise-canceling microphone available
  • Larger Screen than previous models
  • Record in DSS and DS2 formats
  • Software 256bit file encryption and device password - meets HIPAA requirements
  • Includes 2GB SD memory card
  • Includes Latest Release 7 Olympus Digital Management System (ODMS) software
Philips Digital Pocket Memo 8000

Philips has completely redesigned their industry leading Pocket Memo with new DPM 8000.

  • Total compatibility—connections: high-speed USB 2.0, file type (DSS), memory (SD card), microphone (3.5mm), and long lasting Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Includes docking/recharging station
  • Stainless Steel Ergonomic Construction
  • Wear-free Slide-switch control
  • Real time Onboard file encryption and device password—complete HIPAA compliance
  • Includes SpeechExec Pro software
Philips DPM 7000 Pocket Memo

The DPM 7000 Pocket Memo is a durable and a technologically advanced recorder that can keep pace with your demanding workflow.

  • Two microphones for superior stereo audio recordings
  • Natural Slide-Switch for professional recording control
  • Robust stainless steel casing for extra durability
  • SpeechExec workflow software for efficient data management
  • Large color display and intuitive user interface for easy, convenient operation
  • High recording quality in DSS and MP3 format


Legal Transcription Solutions

Smiling Medical Transcriptionist

There are many solutions for Business Transcription.

Any of the products in these three categories are suitable:

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Start-Stop® 4-Channel Transcriber

Business men who handle earnings reports, YouTube videos, corporate earnings, boardrooms, on-site investigations etc., will all benefit by using Start-Stop Omniversal which has video capability as well as audio capability for playback under foot pedal control by a transcriptionist.

The World's most Versatile and Robust Transcription System. Combines the power of Start-Stop UNIVERSAL and Start-Stop PowerPlay making it a peerless transcription product, able to handle a wide variety of audio and video sources.

For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000 $249.00!
  • Includes pedal and headset
  • Unparalleled Playback of 100+ Audio/Video/DVD industry-standard and proprietary file types
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • Voice Tagging (Interview Silence Detection)
  • File Splitting and Overlapping Ease
  • Enhanced Job Manager & Smart Job Reporting
Start-Stop Call-In Recorder

Business Professionals can call in from anywhere with this PC-based phone-in dictation with 2 or 4 lines

For Windows 8/7/Vista/XP 2/4 Line: $1195.00/$1695.00
  • Simple setup process—ready in 15 minutes!
  • Integrates with your network for file sharing and transcription pooling.
  • Compiles author and file demographic information for easier indexing.
  • Custom author profiles allow for unique button configurations, rights, and preferences
  • Stores files on your hard drive.
  • Includes all the equipment you will need to get started.
  • Optional mode for automatic transcription with Dragon (Medical, Legal, Professional).


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