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Tested and approved for the Law Enforcement Industry by the HTH Engineers.

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Audio / Video Transcription Systems

Start-Stop UNIVERSAL Transcription System

A professional grade transcriber for your PC. Transcribe almost any digital audio file with foot pedal control.

For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000 $169.00
  • Includes pedal and headset
  • Compatible with a wide range of digital file types
  • Queues, organizes, and archives dictation
  • Organizes work sharing and networked transcription pool
  • Several pedal options available
  • Variable speed playback
Start-Stop® 4-Channel Transcriber

Law enforcement persons who handle evidence videos whether from cell phone evidence, surveillance video, etc, will all benefit by using Start-Stop® Omniversal.

The World's most Versatile and Robust Transcription System. Combines the power of Start-Stop UNIVERSAL and Start-Stop PowerPlay making it a peerless transcription product, able to handle a wide variety of audio and video sources.

For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000 $249.00!
  • Includes pedal and headset
  • Unparalleled Playback of 100+ Audio/Video/DVD industry-standard and proprietary file types
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • Voice Tagging (Interview Silence Detection)
  • File Splitting and Overlapping Ease
  • Enhanced Job Manager & Smart Job Reporting
Start-Stop® Encryption Transporter

Securely transmit sensitive audio and video data to any transcriptionist using Start-Stop OmniVersal!

For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000 $69.00!
  • Protect audio and video files when storing and sending over the Internet (HIPAA compliant) with an inexpensive tool.
  • Quickly encrypt using "Fast Funnel" for total security (256 bit AES/HIPAA compliant).
  • The Start-Stop OmniVersal Audio/Video/DVD Transcription System is designed to automatically decrypt the recordings, for playback under foot pedal control, with zero residue.
  • The flawless solution for transcription company owners, medical offices, doctors, and government sensitive applications.
  • Rock-solid local encryption assures end-to-end security for all your transcription file storage and transmission.
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Digital Recorders

Olympus DS-9500

Olympus's flagship dictation recorder, ideal for professionals.

  • Wi-Fi built-in
  • Tough as nails yet features a superior sound quality via mechanically isolated, multi-mode microphone for conference or dictation recording; Record in DSS and DS2 Formats
  • World's most advanced active phase noise-canceling microphone:
  • Software 256bit file encryption and device password - meets HIPAA requirements
  • Easy and efficient slide switch control
  • Includes 2GB microSD card and SD expansion slot
  • Includes Latest Release 7 Olympus ODMS software
Olympus DS-9000

This mid-line recorder includes most of the DS-7000 features at a lower price point.

  • Tough as nails
  • The Olympus DS-9000 digital voice recorder features the world's most advanced active phase noise-canceling microphone available
  • Larger Screen than previous models
  • Record in DSS and DS2 formats
  • Software 256bit file encryption and device password - meets HIPAA requirements
  • Includes 2GB SD memory card
  • Includes Latest Release 7 Olympus Digital Management System (ODMS) software
Olympus DM-720

This recorder is great for taking recorded statements. Recordings cannot be altered. Good for chain of custody compliance. Picks up every utterance.

  • Tresmic 3 microphones: stereo directional condenser microphones and a center omni-directional microphone gives you the ability to capture lower bass ranges
  • 4GB of built-in memory and a micro SD removable card slot expandable up to 32GB
  • Record in PCM (WAV), MP3 Formats -(48 khz/ 16 bit linear PCM recording)
  • Zoom microphone for recording from a distance
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Cell Phone Dictation Apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry

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Olympus TP-8 Phone Recording Adapter

TP-8, 1/8" (3.5 mm) mini-jack, 4.83' length, for use with cell phones and land-lines.

  • Use with your Digital Recorder to record your conversations from both land-line and cell phones to your recorder.
  • Includes small, medium, and large ear pieces.
  • The TP-8 will pick-up the conversation on your phone and act as an earphone and microphone as well with your digital recorder.
Olympus AS-9000

Transcription kit for the Olympus DS-9500, DS-9000, DS-7000, DS-3500, and DS-2500 digital dictation recorders.

For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000, Mac OS 10.3.9 - 10.5 $349.99
  • Olympus's newest and most robust premium transcriber
  • Includes pedal and headset
  • Integrates with email for simple file transfer
  • Decrypt encrypted files
  • Customize to work with document templates
  • Citrix and Terminal Service support
  • Allows for direct FTP connection
  • Automatic Notification of New Dictation (Typist Alert)


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