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Phone-In Dictation and Transcription

Multi-Line Phone-In Systems and Transcription

Phone-In dictation still proves to be the most economical, timely, and easy to manage telephone dictation system solution for many organizations. The digital revolution makes it easier and cheaper than ever to use a phone call transcription and voice recording system.

Start-Stop Call-In Recorder

PC-based phone-in dictation with 2 or 4 lines

For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP
2/4 Line: $999.00 / $1395.00 Limited Time Sale!
  • Simple setup process—ready in 15 minutes!
  • Integrates with your network for file sharing and transcription pooling.
  • Compiles author and file demographic information for easier indexing.
  • Custom author profiles allow for unique button configurations, rights, and preferences
  • Stores files on your hard drive.
  • Includes all the equipment you will need to get started.
  • Optional mode for automatic transcription with Dragon (Medical, Legal, Professional).
Start-Stop UNIVERSAL Transcription System

A professional grade transcriber for your PC. Transcribe Start-Stop Call-In Recorder files with foot pedal control and complete demographic information.

For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/ME/98 $399.00
  • Compatible with Start-Stop Call-In Recorder files.
  • Includes pedal and headset.
  • Compatible with a wide range of digital file types.
  • Queues, organizes, and archives dictation over the network.
  • Organizes work sharing and networked telephone transcription service pool.
  • Variable speed playback.
RecordACall is Pain Free Phone Recording on your PC

RecordACall is a digital recording program for Windows®. With it you can record, store, search and even send your recording using the simple user interface.

For Windows based PCs $59.00
  • Included a key-sized license USB dongle that gives you the freedom to use it on any PC with a free USB port.
  • Compatible with adapters like the LRX-35 Telephone Recording Adapter, the LRX-40 USB Telephone Recording Adapter, and the CM-1000 Conference Microphone
  • Easy to use software interface.
  • Record, store, search, and send your recordings.
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Call In / Phone In Dictation

  • Start-Stop Call-In Recorder
    Start-Stop Call-In Recorder Model#
    $1,195.00 $999.00
    Experience the convenience of a call-in recorder system without the cost of a server! Now at a lower price for a limited time! Optional mode allows creation of high-quality Dragon-compatible audio for automatic...

  • RecordACall Software Program
    RecordACall Software Program Model# 30685
    The easy solution for recording phone calls on your PC If you've ever wanted to record a phone call on your computer so that you can keep a record of the conversation then you know it's not the easiest thing to do...


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