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Chiropractic Templates for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4

Take your Dragon Medical usage to the next level

This set of stock templates from HTH Engineering is for the Chiropractic specialty. Included with your purchase price is 30 minutes of customization with our Dragon Certified Template Specialist.

Years of experience in using and working with medical professionals and with Nuance® Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 has enabled our team of sales engineers to develop a library of templates that speed the clinician's daily work-flow.

Your download will include a pdf with instructions, .DAT and .XML template files for direct import into Dragon Medical, and a direct line and email contact information for our Dragon Certified Template Specialist.

List of Templates in this package:

  1. Arm
  2. Back
  3. Chest
  4. General
    1. General Exam
    2. Initial Evaluations
    3. Office Notes
    4. Progress reports
  5. Hip
    1. ITB Syndrome
    2. OA
    3. SJL Dysfunction
    4. Trochanteric Bursitis
  6. Knee
    1. Lateral Meniscal
    2. Medial Epicondylitis
    3. Medial Meniscal
    4. Patella Femoral Syndrome
    5. PCL Tear
  7. Lumbar
    1. L2 thru L4 Radiculopathy templates
  1. Shoulder
    1. ACL Injury
    2. Labrum Tear
    3. Rotator Cuff
  2. Spine
    1. C5 – T1 Radiculopathy
  3. Wrist/Hand
    1. CTS
    2. De Quatrains
    3. RA
    4. Trigger Finger
    5. Ulnar Nerve
    6. OA
  4. Normal
    1. Cervical
    2. History
    3. Lower Extremities
    4. Lumbar
    5. Thoracic
    6. Upper Extremities
  5. Treatment
    1. Epidural
    2. Procedure

  • Chiropractic Templates for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.3

Chiropractic Templates for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4



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