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HTH-VIS-1 Voice Input Station with Andrea USB Audio Adapter

This product has been discontinued. Please refer to our other PC based Speech Dictation products at:

Desktop Dictation Solutions / Speechmike Dictation Systems

HTH-VIS-1 Voice Input Station Version 4.0 (April 2010) - Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98SE compatible!

The Voice Input Station is a professional, PC based, voice recording interface. It consists of a fingertip controlled microphone handset and feature rich base station. Simply plug it into your computer's USB port. 8 User-definable Buttons, Slide Switch Microphone/Speaker Handset.

  • New for 4.0 - Windows 7 Compatible, Automatic EMail to Multiple Destinations or Automatic FTP, with 128-bit HIPAA file encryption built in!
  • New for 4.0 - versatile Insert, Partial and Complete Overwrite Modes now included
  • Easily and quickly dictate without looking at the computer screen.
  • Users familiar with the operation of tape-based transcribers will be instantly "at home" with the SS-VIS. Just like a tape unit, but with even more power and convenience
  • The Start Stop Voice Prompt Assistant will verbally help you as you work, or you can select silent mode
  • Eight Console buttons provide automated One-Touch functions
  • Windows 7, XP, VISTA, Windows 2000, Windows 98 SE compatible
  • Ergonomically designed Slide Switch with Recording, Insert/Overwrite Modes, Quick Review and Pause functions
  • Record dictation using the handset, or optionally record any telephone conversation with optional LRX-35 adapter - great for attorney, business, legal or insurance interviews!
  • Easily and quickly transcribe voice dictation using the Start Stop Universal Transcription System
  • Windows 7, VISTA, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98 SE compatible
  • Records effortlessly in your choice of formats (WAV, MP3, VOX, TrueSpeech, and more)


  • Simple Connection to your PC's USB port and Sound Card jacks.
  • Dictate in any one of 6 digital audio file formats. (WAV, Truespeech WAV, MP3, WMA,VOX and OGG) with full control over quality, bit rate, and file size.
  • Ergonomic, familiar Slide Switch for quick, easy dictation and control of all dictation functions.
  • Dictation and Playback qualiy are crystal clear.
  • You can enable optional Voice Prompts that"talk" you through each step, or turn Voice Prompts off for expert use.
  • Instant Review Function allows 3-second play back of current dictation in progress using the VIS handset.
  • Insert and Overwrite capabilities on a file being recorded or a pre-recorded file.
  • Easy-to-Read, informative screen shows audio length, audio position, recording levels and file size information.
  • Quick beginning, ending, stepping movement within the file via the console or the VIS handset.

Advanced Technical Features

  • Command-Line Launching and Naming for users who want to integrate the Voice Input Station to their own applications.
  • Automatic file recovery module allows recovery of dictation due to improper shutdown or PC power loss.
  • TCP communications module for integration into other systems.
  • Operate totally hands-free while dictating using optional VIS-FPDL footpedal
  • Deletion feature for dictation older than the number of days you specify

Versatile Audio Features

  • Accepts multiple audio source inputs including an external microphone, and PC line-input for recording from telephone recording adapters or other audio devices.
  • Recording level "VU" indicator.
  • Seperate recording and playback volume controls for precise control.
  • Manual File Naming for users who want to name each file on the fly.
  • Add Comments to Beginning and Add Comments to End buttons let you quickly verbally annotate a dictation (current or previously saved).

Send Files Anywhere

  • When finished with the dictation, a single click of the End of Letter (EOL) button saves the file and optionally sends file to one or two local or remote networked locations.
  • Automatic File Naming sequential, with customizable file name prefix or with Date-Time stamp embedded file name.
  • BUILT IN HIPAA Security feature, so you can securely send dictation off-site or to remote transcriptionists with the touch of a button (email, ftp, or Port to Port) with 128 bit security.

Ergonomic Features

  • "ALWAYS ON TOP" feature lets your StartStop stay on top. Adjust position on the screen like a Post It� note, or minimized in the background entirly.
  • "RECENTLY OPENED FILES" Window shows last 15 files that you have opened, for easy access to re-open.
  • Software automatically records your configuration preferences each time you use it, so the next time you launch the program, you're ready.
  • Eight VIS Console Buttons provide instant, one-touch operation for common functions such as "Send Dictation to Transcriptionist #1" or "Listen to Previous Dictation" with VOICE CONFIRMATION OF RECEIPT of your dictation.

What's Included

  • Includes HTH Voice Input Station with USB and audio connections
  • Start Stop Digital Recording Software, Version 4.0
  • Andrea USB Audio Adapter for crystal-clear audio on computers without using the PC's onboard sound card
  • User Manual
  • 1 year Warranty

  • HTH-VIS-1 Voice Input Station
  • Includes Start Stop Digital Recording Software!

HTH-VIS-1 Voice Input Station with Andrea USB Audio Adapter



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