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Specifications for Start-Stop™ UNIVERSAL

  1. Main Screen Features
  2. Features (continued...)
  3. Screen Size, Bookmarks and other settings
  4. Job Manager
  5. Hardware Features
  6. Functions & Media Types
  7. Recording Mode, Operation and Recommended Computer

Main Screen Features (Version 10)


num_1.gif INSTANT POSITIONING Two-Way Slider Control:
  • User can position the WAV file instantly to any point in the recording by sliding the control handle with either mouse or left & right keyboard arrow keys
  • Slider button moves from left to right as the recording progresses from start to finish
num_2.gif SPEED Control:
Pitch/speed control from 50% to 300% on ALL types of .WAV files (PCM, ADPCM, Sun .Au Mu-Law, even TrueSpeech .WAV). This powerful feature allows you to dictate, save as TrueSpeech(TM) in a compressed .WAV format, and e-mail it to a remote transcriptionist. The transcriptionist can then play back your dictation, and slow down or speed up your speech to ensure accurate transcription. Overseas transcriptionists can now play back TrueSpeech(TM) at variable speed, enhancing accuracy.

num_3.gif Real Time Display:
The SSTI reads the file date time stamp calculates real time based on recorded file length and position within the recording, and displays it to the user. For Start Stop Dictation use, the AccuStamp mode displays real time based on the accurate start time stamping of each recorded segment. For non-Start Stop-generated WAV files, real time is an estimate, based on the assumption that the recording was saved to disk after the recording was completed.

num_4.gif Instant Sound Magnifier:
Plays the last few seconds after releasing the play pedal at 70% of normal speed, so you don't miss that fast burst of speech. The playback automatically returns to 100% (normal) speed after reaching the point at which you released the pedal. No more fiddling with the pitch control everytime you missed a burst of speech-- the Start Stop does it for you!

num_5.gif Sets Speed back to 100%

num_6.gif Total File Statistics Shown for each recording

num_7.gif Separate STEP AMOUNT adjustment windows for "Step Back/Step Forward" and “Auto-Backstep"

num_8.gif Animated Pedals are synchronized to actual pedals

num_9.gif Volume Control Remembers its position

num_10.gif Audio Button Shows Windows Mixer panel for Recording and Playback functions

num_11.gif Play URL button for opening streaming media.

num_12.gif Up to 16 book marks per file transcribed with text labels for each one.

num_13.gif Job Manager

num_14.gif Transcribes and Records

num_15.gif Time Remaining and Elapsed Time Displays

num_16.gif File name and path are displayed in the title bar

num_17.gif Plays and Records in industry-standard .WAV format as well as TrueSpeech (TM) .WAV format with 15:1 file savings. Also plays .MP3, and a large variety of “proprietary” or non-standard audio formats

num_18.gif Mouse-Clickable Navigation bar if you don’t want to use the pedals

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