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Welcome to SpeedType™!

SpeedType™ is the transcription smart-typing and universal abbreviation expander software that will save 70% or more of your typing time. It's fast, compatible, and simple to use with all Windows applications and Windows operating systems Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Benefits of SpeedType™

  • Increase Production and Decrease Keystrokes
  • Save Time and Make More Money!
  • Enhance Your Keyboarding Skills
  • Upgrade Your Current Text Expander Technology with Ease

SpeedType™ is a universal, user-friendly, text expansion program for the Windows operating system. It is the most powerful but easy to use shortcut typing software tool on the market today. It works with all Windows applications, including e-mail, instant message boxes, social media windows, i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, Go To Webinar, etc! This program can save 70% of your typing day making learning shorthand fun and exciting. The system capacity can store over 500,000 dictionary entries. The number of entries stored is only limited by your hard drive disk space.

Click the "Add to Cart" button to place your order. After purchase, you'll receive confirmation of order followed up by an email containing a download hyperlink with installation steps. If you wish conversion of your old macro listing to pop into your SpeedType™ system, please contact betsy@speedtype.com for that service. Allowing instant productivity enhancement upon initial use generates this perfect tool for anyone wishing to save keystrokes.

SpeedType Version 10

Model #30023 Includes: Downloadable link to SpeedType Software.

Minimum System Requirements

Windows PC running Windows 7, 8.

  • SpeedType™


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