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The Start-Stop® DTS Conference Recording and Transcription System

The Start-Stop® DTS Conference Recording and Transcription System

Utilized in Conference Rooms and Legislative Bodies World Wide.

Hong Kong Legislative Complex Inside CenterSince 1999, HTH Engineering, Inc. has been a leader in Digital Dictation, Transcription, Speech Recognition, and Recording technologies.

Our unique line of versatile products enables us to engineer reliable systems for large conference buildings and legislative bodies around the globe.

A prime example where HTH Engineering's expertise and proprietary hardware and software products where implemented to handle video and audio transcription on a large scale is the new Hong Kong Legislative Council Complex.

Hong Kong Legislative Complex Console of Start-Stop DTS Conference Recording and Transcription SystemThe Start-Stop DTS Conference Recording and Transcription System has been used daily since February 2012, in the Hong Kong Legislative Council Complex. There, our system, has shown itself to be robust and reliable for recording simultaneous speakers across eight conference rooms, four languages, and all managed across a single LAN Network.

From a centralized Supervisory Console speeches given by dignitaries, council members, Congress members, Representatives and others are routed to 80 transcriptionists who are able to transcribe On-the-Fly in Near Real Time.

HTH Engineering can implement this same kind of complex system for any large scale (and small scale) conference building whether you are a governing legislative body, a government agency, college, or large corporation.

Our DTS Conference Recording and Transcription offers:

  • Advanced workflow features and ergonomics
  • Long Term Stability, Windows 10™, 8 & 8.1, 7 compatible, and upgradeable
  • On-the-Fly Transcription in Near-Real-Time with segmentation overlap
  • Modular and fully Expandable, Now and in the Future
  • Multiple-Language Compatibility
  • Multi-track Conference Recording and Transcription

Below you will find how the Start-Stop DTS Conference Recording & Transcription System was implemented in the remarkable Hong Kong Legislative Council Complex.

To discuss your need for our system, please call us at 1-866-254-0714 x 3.

Start-Stop®'s DTS Conference Recording & Transcription System:

  • A low-risk, robust guaranteed successful implementation is offered based upon 14-years of state-of-the-art solutions, with over 100,000 users.
  • Suitable for Large Conference Room Recording and Real-Time Transcription.
  • Designed to meet the recording needs of large meetings like Parliaments and Legislatures.
  • Advanced ergonomics and workflow features.
  • HTH Engineering, Inc. provides quality solutions and backs them with total support and training.

Contact our system engineer at
1-866-254-0714 x 3 for a custom quote


Hong Kong Legislative Council Complex

HTH Engineering's years of expertise was brought to bear upon the challenge of linking 8 conference rooms to allow for simultaneous recording. The speeches giving by dignitaries and politicians are then sent to 80 transcriptionists who are able to turn around and create transcripts so efficiently that they are practically ready by the time the speaker steps off the podium.

Click on these photos to see the system in action:

Pic 1 of Start-Stop DTS Conference Recording and Transcription System Supervisory ConsolePic 2 of Start-Stop DTS Conference Recording and Transcription System Supervisory ConsolePic 3 of Start-Stop DTS Conference Recording and Transcription System Supervisory ConsoleStart-Stop's DTS Conference Recording and Transcription System being used in Hong Kong Legislative Council Complex.

Start-Stop® DTS Conference Recording and Transcription System Features

Recording Features

  • Supports overlap recording.
  • Able to add note on the audio file.
  • Send audio file to Transcribers with minimum delay.
  • Hear different speakers speaking at the same time clearly.
  • Audio file format – Industry Standard Wav/mp3.
  • Running simultaneously. (Having different meetings in many rooms at the same time.)

Technical Functions

  • Standalone networked DTS server-client environment. Data are always stored on the server.
  • Data Security and Integrity on Server Storage and Transcribers’ PC within the DTS network.
  • Secure privilege log-on (e.g. Active Directory Authentication, Local Database Authentication).
  • Automate Backup Database.
  • Maintenance service.
  • No Concurrent User limitation.

Transcription Features

  • Simple and user friendly application interface.
  • Multi-language supported user interface (e.g. Spanish, English).
  • User account management.

Transcription Features Continued

  • Supervisor can assign transcription tasks.
  • Task notification.
  • Supervisor is allowed to perform virtual segmentation of audio files.
  • Virtual segmented audio file should contain buffer of previous audio track.
  • Use foot pedal.
  • Able to play backward or forward just 1 second.
  • Able to control speed. (faster or slower)
  • Able to perform rewind and fast forward with user defined speed.
  • Able to hear acoustic feedback.
  • Mark index on audio files.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Word 2003/2007.
  • No need to switch active windows between audio player software and word editing software.
  • Share Word document with other Transcribers.
  • Automate report generation.
  • Edit and export template report.
  • Associate Word document and audio file.
  • View Working Performance Statistic.
  • Perform all the above requirements with Video file content such as wmv.

System Block Diagram

Start-Stop DTS Conference Recording & Transcription System Block Diagram Hong Kong

Click for larger image.


Work Flow Diagrams

Workflow for Supervisor

Start-Stop DTS Conference Recording & Transcription System Work flow diagram for Supervisor

Click for larger image.

Workflow for Transcriptionists

Start-Stop DTS Conference Recording & Transcription System Work flow diagram for Transcriptionist

Click for larger image.


Operator Recording Console

Start-Stop DTS Conference Recording & Transcription System Operator Console

Click for larger image.

Representative/Speakers Names can be easily added on the fly as they Speak during the meeting, from a stored list.

Remarks, Comments and Notations can be added in real time during the meeting that are later visible to the transcriptionists and supervisors.

Recordings are automatically split into manageable segments on the fly, with adjustable overlap.

Start-Stop DTS Conference Recording & Transcription System's ability to split the Recording with Overlapping Sections

Multiple transcriptionists can generate an output document in near-real time (e.g. a complete transcript of the meeting can be made available only 10 minutes after the meeting ends).

Automatic Compression to MP3 and Background Move Operation

  • Independent Module Provides Robust operation over LAN networks

Efficiently manage Speaker Schedules:

Pre-Populate Speaker List with Parliament Representatives/Congressmen

Select and Store Multiple Meeting Types.


Supervisor's Console

From the Supervisors Console one can accomplish an number of tasks like:

  • Review and Assign Jobs to Transcriptionists.
  • Complete Real-Time Status, Management, and Reporting of Results.
  • Bookmark areas of interest for Transcription.
  • Sensitive or Closed Meetings can be handled and processed separately.
  • Jobs can be reviewed, split, assigned and tagged for a given transcriptionist

Transcriptionist's Interface

The Transcriptionist's Program Interface allows she or he to accomplish any task required like:

  • Receiving and viewing Jobs Assigned for them.
  • Constant-Pitch Speed Control and Step Amount.
  • Automatic Document Start, Pending/Finished Status

Clicking on Job brings up Transcription Tool-bar that floats over an open word processor program window.

  • Transcribe under foot pedal control while typing into MS Word.
  • Play/Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward, Auto-Backspace.
  • Instant Positioning, Bookmarking.

Legacy Conversion of Meeting Tapes
50 years/14,000 hours

Automatic Recording Segmentation/Auto-Stop

  • Custom Start-Stop Program will automatically create MP3s (stopping when silence is detected.)
  • Start-Stop DTS Continuous Recording System can perform Post segmentation for easy transcription if desired.

The System automatically identifies the start and end points of each conversation. It then marks them with Blue triangles to signify “start of conversation” and Red triangles to identify "end of conversation". The Transcriptionist can click on any triangle to instantly position the recording playback to that spot. A zoom-able graphic also allows visual confirmation of the conversation segments.


System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

PCs RequiredTypeRecommended
Meeting Room PC (Recording PC) Windows 7, 8 & 8.1, or 10 SSD Drive, i7
Data Storage PC Any (Network / LAN) RAID redundant
SQL Server Windows R8/2012  
Supervisor PC Windows 7, 8 & 8.1, or 10 Standard
Transcriptionist PC Windows 7, 8 & 8.1, or 10 Standard
Legacy Record PC Windows XP-7, 8 & 8.1, or 10 Quantity as required


  • 4 Recording/Supervisory/Data PCs.
  • 12 Transcription PCs.
  • 1 or more Legacy Record PCs.

Software Modules Required

Module / ProgramFunctionInterface to Other Modules
DTS SuperFlow Conference Recording Software Operator Console for Recording LAN
DTS Move Software Background conversion and Move to Data Storage PC On same PC as DTS SuperFlow
DTS Supervisor Supervisor's Console for Job Assignment and Review / Supervision LAN
DTS Transcriptionist Interface Transcriptionist Interface LAN
SQL Server Windows R8/2012 LAN
Legacy Recording App Save Tapes as MP3 with automatic stop LAN


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