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Start-Stop® OMNIVERSAL Audio/Video/DVD Transcription System Logo

For any transcriptionist

The Start-Stop® OMNIVERSAL Audio/Video/DVD Transcription System includes features that make it invaluable for medical transcriptionists, court reporting, conference recording, attorneys, legal transcription, educational, corporate, and government use. Learn more about the Start-Stop® OMNIVERSAL Audio/Video/DVD Transcription System.

For Medical Transcriptionists

Medical Transcription

Transcriptionists value efficiency, organization, and flexibility in their tools and we've designed and constantly improved the Start-Stop® OMNIVERSAL with feedback from working professionals.

For Government

Governmental Video and Audio Transcription

Whether national, local, or student, your government or council will benefit from the abilities of Start-Stop® OMNIVERSAL to effectively deal with video and/or audio transcription. Release timely, accurate transcripts of proceedings or add captioning to videos released on your web site.

For Law Offices

Legal Transcription

Stop outsourcing your transcription and increase your productivity with the Start-Stop® OMNIVERSAL Audio/Video/DVD Transcription System. Affordable, powerful, and easy to use, the Start-Stop® OMNIVERSAL can even help fill the gap when you need transcription done quickly in-house.

For Conferences and Meetings

Conference and Meeting Transcription

Produce accurate transcripts of conferences, meetings, and key-note speakers quickly and accurately with the Start-Stop® OMNIVERSAL Transcriber.

For Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Transcription

Our transcriber is used in law enforcement agencies around the world. Combine the power of a digital hand-held recorder with the convenience and speed of the Start-Stop® OMNIVERSAL to reduce time spent on paperwork. With the ability to review video for foreniscs or even forensic psychology research, Omniversal greatly increases your ability to manage your workflow.

For Court Reporters

Court Transcription

Court reporters like the speed, efficiency, and time stamping features of the Start-Stop® OMNIVERSAL Audio/Video/DVD Transcription System. For Voice Writers we also make the HTH GoldenEar Voice Writing System for Court Reporters.

For Educators

Educational Transcription

Record lecture notes, class lessons, or even record in the classroom then quickly and easily transcribe to your favorite word processing program.

For Musicians

Musical Playback Controls

The Start-Stop® OMNIVERSAL can help you play by ear: load up your favorite track, slow it down, and learn to play along at your speed. As you get better speed up the playback without having to change tuning.

For Translators

Language Transcription

There is no such thing as a perfect translation, making context even more important—quickly and easily listen and re-listen for connotation and phrasing to capture a faithful essence.

For Journalists

Transcription for Jornalists

Whether working on a documentary or getting the views of a man-on-the-street, video transcription with Start-Stop® OMNIVERSAL will prove an exceptional documentation and organizing tool or for open-captioning sections of video.

For Researchers

Transcription for Jornalists

Start-Stop® OMNIVERSAL's powerful video handling capabilities make it ideal for researchers who need to be able to tag video or audio. Whether your are a clinical psychologist working in behavioral psychology, language research, working on understanding body language, or in the area of animal behavior studies, the unlimited tagging features can empower your research.

For example, perhaps you are a researcher in child psychology and studying the speech development of children as they interact with each other. With Omniversal you can take video of your focus group and slow both video and sound, keeping body language and voice in sync. Then you can tag and label pertinent points, like eye contact or verbal cues for your research with our unlimited bookmarking feature.



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