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Start-Stop Network Pro Upgrade - Now Free with Start-Stop UNIVERSAL Version 12
Automatically Share Work among Multiple Transcribers
using the Start Stop Universal Transcription System!
The Start-Stop Network Pro Upgrade alerts every transcriptionist on your office or shared network, via Start Stop's built-in Job Manager. Each transcriptionist can now check out a job, and all other Job Managers in the office will show that the file is being transcribed, and by whom. The transcriptionist who completed the job can mark it DONE, and all other transcriptionists will see that status as well, on their Job Manager screens.
Makes work-sharing a snap!

New! Second Generation Design for Network Pro Job Manager

  • Order of magnitude faster for large pools of transcriptionists sharing job status 2,5,10, or even 20 or more transcriptionists can simultaneously share job status and perform on-the-fly load-level management while simultaneously viewing and work-sharing hundreds of dictations from multiple persons dictating.
  • Ability to designate any name you want for each user, regardless of PCs logged in name for display within Job Manager
  • Ability to set and designate individual "Done" folders for each transcriptionist, with their own locations by person. Allows easy oversight and viewing by a manager or supervisor for work flow and productivity
  • Control over job manager refresh time and whether Automatic Refresh POP UP shows up or not.
  • Sharing Alert feature shows you if you're playing a file that's already been "done" by another transcriptionist.
  • Color coded display messages of Job Status
  • Addition of aDuration column
  • Ability to search and filter match results to help you quickly find the dictations you are looking for, even in large list of work



Features and Benefits

  • Instantly upgrade Start Stop Universal Transcription System to allow work-sharing of Job Manager Status (Version 10 Network Pro Upgrade).
    Available as an Internet Download (IDL).
  • Multiple transcribers can see whether a given file on a shared network drive have been "checked out" for transcribing by another person, and who it is. Only the person who is working on the file can mark it "Done", and then everyone's Job Manager will show it as "Done" and who completed the work.
  • When a transcriptionist moves the Job to the "Done" folder, all shared Job Managers update automatically to reflect the new status.
  • A pool of transcriptionists can work-share their Job Managers on any folder, or any group of sub-folders.
  • Transcriptionists can point their Job Managers to different folders or drives - unlimited number of "shared" folders can be created.
  • System creates a shared Microsoft Access .MDB file in the root of each folder that's being shared for transcription


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