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Philips AirBridge Wireless Adapter ACC4100

Wireless adapter for the SpeechOne and SpeechMike Premium Air

Philips listened to the end-user feedback of their most popular dictation devices, the Philips SpeechOne and SpeechMike Premium Air, and developed the Philips AirBridge Wireless adapter. Because professionals in the medical, law, and business fields are more mobile, the demand for small, easy to carry equipment for connecting to computers and servers has blossomed and Philips worked hard to develop this phenomenally easy to use and small USB connector to make life easier.

After pairing your Philips SpeechOne or SpeechMike Premium Air with the Philips AirBridge Wireless Adapter you can take them with you wherever you go and plug in the USB dongle for instant reconnection and immediate use. Plugging in the Philips AirBridge Wireless Adapter instantly provides the lossless audio transmission you would expect from your heavy and bulky docking station.

Real-life End-user Use Cases:

Doctor Dictation Between Patient Rooms and Hospital Visitations:

Doctor going between patient rooms with SpeechMike Premium Air using AirBridge connected to unseen Windows ComputerMany doctors frequently dictate patient information into a laptop or Microsoft Surface tablet while they do their ward rounds or between patient rooms in their practice offices.

Because they cannot easily attach the SpeechMike Premium Air or SpeechOne docking station to their laptops or Surfaces, the Philips AirBridge Wireless Adapter solves the is problem with its simple USB dongle.

Doctors Who Need to Work on Different Workstations

Doctor at desk with SpeechMike Premium Air using AirBridgeWhen traveling between the office and hospitals, doctors often need to plug in and dictate their reports into the hospital information system. To avoid loss, to utilize their own personal device settings, and to avoid spreading germs by using a corporate microphone, they will carry their own dictation devices with them.

Philips reacted to these doctors requests by designing the Philips AirBridge Wireless Adapter to be a small USB dongle that can easily and securely be plugged into the hospital workstations. The result gives doctors the ability to freely use their personal SpeechMike Premium Air or SpeechOne Wireless dictation devices.

Freeing up Lawyers in the Office, on the Move, and at Home:

Lawyer at desk using SpeechMike Premium Air and AirBridgePhilips found that because lawyers are often working not only in the office, but also when with a client on the road, or when working from home.

As one lawyer said, "It is impossible to take a heavy docking station with you when you are on the road." So Philips designed the Philips AirBridge Wireless Adapter to, well, bridge the gap.

Police Officers Need On Site Dictation Capability:

Police car in which officers can use the SpeechMike Premium Air with AirgBridge.Police officers and detectives are frequently in the field using laptops mounted in their cars or using Microsoft Surface devices to dictate their reports.

Their dictations are sent immediately to an assistant or a to a speech recognition system like Nuance Dragon Law Enforcement.

The Philips AirBridge Wireless Adapter fills the need for a small device to connect their SpeechMike Premium Air or SpeechOne microphones saving space in their vehicles.

See below for more information on all the great features of this wireless dictation microphone.


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Philips AirBridge Wireless Adapter ACC4100 Features and Benefits

Lossless Audio Transmission

This patented lossless audio transmission tech provides unparalleled audio quality which Bluetooth and DECT based audio systems can not come close too. The AirBridge technology means that every word, indeed every syllable, is captured the moment you utter hit the record button on your dictation unit.

  • Works in the 2.4 GHz ISM band and utilize a multi-channel frequency hopping technology with 8-FSK modulation
  • Samples at a rate of 44 kHz, 16 bit which equals CD-Quality sound
  • Separated audio and data channels mean instant command execution like "Record/Stop" without any latency.
  • This new powerful audio streaming technology greatly reduces drop-outs and unwanted noise.

Full Mobility

Better than Bluetooth and DECT, the PSM6000 wireless headset allows you to freely move around your location and pace while working. It has a range of 16 feet (5 meters) from the where you plug the AirBridge in and should you move out of the 16 foot transmission range, a warning signal will sound to let you know that you are out of range.

  • Simply plug your previously paired AirBridge into any computer you want to use your SpeechOne or SpeechMike Premium Air with and you are ready to dictate.
  • Because all your individual settings are stored on the SpeechOne or SpeechMike Premium Air, you can instantly begin working with any computer you plug into.

Quick and Simple Device Pairing

It only takes 3 seconds for the first pairing of the AirBridge with your SpeechOne or SpeechMike Premium Air. Then any time that you use it the re-connection will be automatic and will seamlessly switch between the docking station and the AirBridge. Because of how quickly and easy it becomes to reconnect your dictation device with the AirBridge you can move away from your desk and freely dictate on the go. Green and red colored lights on the AirBridge indicate when you are connected and when you are not connected.

Compact Pocket Design

Because the AirBridge technology has been designed to fit into a compact USB dongle, you can take it with you wherever you travel. Slide it into your pocket and head out with your chosen dictation device. No need to pack everything for your working day, the AirBridge means you can leave your heavy and bulky docking station behind for charging your dictation device overnight. So much goodness in such a little package.


Additional Information

Philips AirBridge Wireless Adapter ACC4100

Model #44760

Philips AirBridge Wireless Adapter ACC4100.


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Compatible Products:

Package Includes:

  • AirBridge Wireless Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide


  • Exclusive HTH Engineering "Concierge" Turn-Key Tech Support and Free Lifetime Support Via GotoMeeting and/or telephone


Technical Specifications

Wireless Connectivity
  • Wireless technology: 2.4 GHz ISM Band
  • Modulation: 8-FSK
  • Maximum range: up to 5 m / 16 ft (in clear view)
  • USB: Type A
  • Firmware Upgradeable
Power Consumption
  • 200mW

  • Philips AirBridge Wireless Adapter ACC4100
  • Philips AirBridge Wireless Adapter ACC4100 is the ideal pocket sized dongle
  • Philips AirBridge Wireless Adapter ACC4100 shown with the Philips SpeechMike Premium Air (not included)
  • Philips AirBridge Wireless Adapter ACC4100 shown with the Philips SpeechOne headset (not included)

Philips AirBridge Wireless Adapter ACC4100

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