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Now you can take your dictation files to the cloud for a more efficient and connected workflow, anytime, anywhere.

It's simple.
Dictate. Send. Done.

No matter where you are in the world, you can start dictating in one place and pick it up or send it off for completion by your team in a completely different place.

As low as $9.99 a month!

SpeechLive Free Trial

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Speechlive Cloud Dictation Solution

Key Features

Continuous Access  to Files

Continuous Access
to Files

No Internet connection? No problem. Do your work in local mode and synchronize dictation files when online access is convenient again.

Balanced Workflow Management

Balanced Workflow Management

Assign the workflow to different team players from anywhere in the world and let the cloud adapt to your company's way of doing business.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Even in mixed environments where not everyone is using the solution, Philips SpeechLive is simple to download with no complicated installation or configuration settings to figure out. Experience an intuitive installation process that will have you up and running in just minutes.

Double The Security

Double The Security

Unauthorized access is eliminated with the highest encryption technology available plus file recovery mode so no matter what happens, you can send your files to the cloud with confidence. Even if your computer crashes or you accidentally delete data, your files are always recoverable. (Microsoft Cloud Security Compliance [pdf])

Transcription Capabilities

Transcription Capabilities

Want additional support with transcription? Philips SpeechScribe gives you a cutting-edge transcription service so you don't have to worry about doing your own typing ever again.

Flexible User Options

Flexible User Options

Adjust the number of users at any time to meet the needs and budget of your company.

Transcription Capabilities

Security/HIPAA FAQ


  • SpeechLive works with highest connection security using the HTTPS protocol
  • All stored data is automatically encrypted and server mirroring keeps your data reliably secured and available anytime
  • Dictation files are encrypted in real time using the highest encryption standard available - even during upload and download
  • Files can be encrypted for a third time if recorded in the DSS Pro format for maximum security

For full details, click here.

Flexible User Options

New Medical Case Study

This brand new case study addresses how a high volume orthopaedic practice addressed issues related to creating a secure workflow that was flexible to allow their employees to work from anywhere.

Here’s a quote from Timothy Gregorich, the practices IT Director:

"The dictation management software we had wasn’t cutting it. Philips SpeechLive was the faster, more flexible and secure solution we needed to help our providers dictate how they want, wherever they want."

Click Here to view OrthoAssociates Case Study.


A Full Compatible Solution

SpeechLive works effortlessly with the Philips Pocket Memo dictation recorders DPM8000 series, SpeechMike dictation microphones LFH3500 & LFH3600 series, and the SpeechExec dictation app for Smartphones.

Want to make speech-to-text even easier?

Integrate Philips SpeechLive with SpeechExec software and use the SpeechScribe transcription service to create the ultimate dictation solution.

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How easy it is to setup and use Philips SpeechLive

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