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Specifications for Start-Stop™ UNIVERSAL
Page 2

  1. Main Screen Features
  2. Features (continued...)
  3. Screen Size, Bookmarks and other settings
  4. Job Manager
  5. Hardware Features
  6. Functions & Media Types
  7. Recording Mode, Operation and Recommended Computer


Main Screen Features (Version 9.8) (Continued...)

File History Shows Recently Opened Files
Shows the last 8 files that you have opened, for easy access to re-open. Shows the path so you never have to guess where the file is located.


Keyboard-Operated HOT KEYS
ALT + Up Arrow =Right Pedal Down
ALT + Down Arrow =-Right Pedal Released
ALT + Left Arrow = Step Back
ALT + Right Arrow = Step Forward
ALT + PAGE UP = Increase Playback SPEED
ALT + PAGE DOWN = Decrease Playback SPEED
ALT + HOME = Return Playback SPEED to NORMAL (100%)


The Start Stop Transcription Interface automatically time-stamps each file (“Accu-Stamp”). Main screen will display real time accurately for SSTI-generated .WAV Files.

Each Pedal can be user-assigned to perform any transcription action


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