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Specifications for Start-Stop™ UNIVERSAL
Page 6

  1. Main Screen Features
  2. Features (continued...)
  3. Screen Size, Bookmarks and other settings
  4. Job Manager
  5. Hardware Features
  6. Functions & Media Types
  7. Recording Mode, Operation and Recommended Computer




Transcription Functions:
(User-assignable to left and right pedals) - Play, Play/Pause, Play/Pause/Auto-Backstep, Stop, Pause, Step Back, Step Forward, Rewind, and Fast Forward

Dictation Functions:
Record, Stop, Add Recording Bookmarks (Up to 16 total).

Media Types Played

The Start Stop plays all Standard .WAV and .MP3 formats: .

  • The Start Stop plays ALL of the Standard .WAV formats (approximately 20 "flavors").
  • TrueSpeech™ compressed .WAV format.
  • GSM .WAV.
  • ADPCM .WAV (popular for Courtroom recording systems).
  • .MP3 audio format (popular for music and speech

    PLUS, Start Stop plays these non-standard digital dictation formats:
    Digital Dictation Systems and Call-in Systems.

  • Digital Voice™ call-in system files (e.g. .VOX and .WAV).
  • Dictaphone™ Digital Express™ .
  • Dictaphone Boomerang™ and .AUD files.
  • "PlayAll" ™ BCB TrueSpeech™ files with non-standard embedded headers .
  • DVIPS™ (VOX 6KHz sample rate, 4-bit, ADPCM).
  • Crescendo.
  • Dialogic™ based telephony systems.
  • BVP Computers.
  • Specialty VOX Formats, including separate selections for .
  • "Bitescrybe" 8 KHz PCM Mu-Law, .
  • DVIPS™ OKI/Dialogic 6/8 KHz VOX 4-bit ADPCM .
  • VOX A-Law formats.

    Digital Recorders
    Directly plays these compressed native formats:

  • Olympus™ .DSS (Used with DS-150, DS-2000, and DS-3000 Recorders) .
  • Voice-It ™ Mobile Digital Recorder's .SRI format .
  • Dictaphone™ Walkabout Tour™ Digital Recorder.
  • UHER DH-10 Digital Recorder TrueSpeech™
    plus .... plays specialty digital audio formats.
  • Mu-law and A-Law (Sun™ Microsystems) non-standard .WAV files.
  • Creative SoundBlaster™ .VOC (Version 1.2)

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