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Specifications for Start-Stop™ UNIVERSAL
Page 7

  1. Main Screen Features
  2. Features (continued...)
  3. Screen Size, Bookmarks and other settings
  4. Job Manager
  5. Hardware Features
  6. Functions & Media Types
  7. Recording Mode, Operation and Recommended Computer



Recording Mode

11,025 Hz Mono, 8-bit nominal. This provides excellent intelligibility, while minimizing file size (approx. 1 MB per minute). “Save as TrueSpeech” feature from the main file menu allows conversion of any playable .WAV file to DSP Group’s compressed .WAV format, with a resultant 15:1 (typical) savings compared to a standard 11KHz 8-bit mono .WAV file. Resultant compressed .WAV file has excellent playback quality and will play on any Windows 98/NT4.0/ME/2000/XP platform without special software or hardware (DSP Group’s CODEC is native to Windows).

Background/Foreground Operation

Operates seamlessly and correctly whether in the foreground, background, or minimized on the Windows Task bar. Allows your favorite word processor to operate in partial or full-screen mode, in Windows or DOS (e.g. a DOS-based Word-Processor can be in a partial or full-screen (ALT+ENTER) DOS window, while the Start Stop operates in the background in Windows.

Interface Unit Microcomputer-based unit, self powered by the PC’s serial port. Internal debouncing and signal conditioning for reliable operation. DB-9 connector type, strain-reliefed. Glass Epoxy circuit card. MTBF (calculated): > 800,000 hours, at 25C Operating Systems Supported: Windows Vista™, Windows XP™, Windows 2000™, Windows ME™, Windows 98SE™, Windows NT™ 4.0

Recommended Computer

Minimum configuration: 166 MHz Pentium or above, 32 MB RAM or more, 100MB minimum free disk space, with Sound and available serial port. Recommended for optimum performance: Pentium II, Celeron, or AMD-CPU PC operating at 300 MHz or above, with 128 MB of RAM.


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