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Start Stop Transport System - DISCONTINUED

Introducing the new Start Stop Transport System, with built-in HIPAA-compliant 128-bit encryption algorithm for sending and receiving files securely over the net. Choose from Three secure methods of file transport: FTP, E-mail, or Port To Port.

Take your digital transcription to a new level, using state-of-the-art encryption Technology to further protect your information.

    • Operating Systems Include: Windows 98TM, Windows METM, Windows 2000TM and Windows XPTM
    • Works with all hand-held recorders.
    • Unlimited Transcribers with individual encryption keys, which will ensure that only the intended transcriber, will be allowed to open files.
    • Secure Keys include your key information and the Transcribers key information, which ensures the correct recipient is the only one who is allowed to open sent files.
    • Easy Setup - Setup in minutes as our Wizard guides you through the entire setup process.
    • Auto Encrypt/Decrypt files that are sent or received using your current E-mail MAPI program such as MS Outlook, with your Transcriber's encryption key information.
    • Complete comprehensive help available on each input field.
    • Sends a copy of the original file to keep the original file intact.
    • All transport methods can be sent automatically through Drive Scan or manually sent through each application.
    • Unique "Drive Scan" feature automatically scans a folder or folder group in the background, and securely sends the files to their destination without operator intervention.
    • No need for a wizard for Drive Scan Rules: the rules are automatically set up for each transcriber. The ease of Maintenance for the Drive Scan Rules is easy and allows flexibility in designing custom file transfers for each transcriber.
    • Automatic Backup of files sent via Drive Scan.
    • Weekly schedule deletes Scan Drive's sent files.
    • Drive Scan file transfers can be automatically run at Windows startup.
    • E-mail provides a single interface for composing, sending and retrieving e-mail messages using SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) to directly connect to mail servers without additional software, instead of using separate software such as MAPI programs like MS Outlook or Netscape to format, retrieve and send messages.
    • E-mail sends an encrypted copy of your e-mail to you to ensure that you will never have to worry about lost data.
    • E-mail is implemented with the standard Internet protocols for sending and retrieving e-mail messages, ensuring the highest degree of compatibility possible with mail servers around the world with Secure Encrypted file attachments.
    • FTP (File Transport Protocol) is supported for Secure Encrypted file and document transfers to FTP sites open to the Internet.
    • FTP Drag & Drop feature makes uploading & downloading files a simple maneuver.
    • PTP (Port to Port) Secure Encrypted Transfer protocols are built in. Features include secure key exchange, direct connections, and extremely fast transfer times.
    • PTP Server has complete logging of incoming and outgoing transactions. The log is saved daily and can be printed at any time.

  • Start Stop Transport System
  • Start-Stop Transport FTP Server
  • Start-Stop Transport Main Screen
  • Start-Stop Transport Email Screen
  • Main Screen Close Up of Start-Stop Transport
  • Start-Stop Transport PTP Server

Start Stop Transport System - DISCONTINUED



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