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Start-Stop Ultra Hands-Free Wireless Digital Dictation System.

Start-Stop Ultra Hands-Free Wireless Digital Dictation System

Exclusively from HTH Engineering, Inc., the Start-Stop Ultra HandsFree is a wireless dictation system capable of meeting the technical and environmental demands of a laboratory setting.

The Ultra HandsFree provides crystal clear recording, portability, and a scalable approach to wireless, hands-free dictation.

The Ultra HandsFree is ideally suited for pathologists, surgeons, researchers, and scientists
The Ultra HandsFree is ideally suited for pathologists, surgeons, researchers, and scientists.
The Ultra HandsFree is ideally suited for pathologists, surgeons, researchers, and scientists
The wide-pedal footswitch is easy to use accurately even while wearing surgical booties.


The Start-Stop Ultra HandsFree Wireless Digital Dictation System was designed with the laboratory in mind. It's ideal for pathology and surgical dictation with convenient, untethered, hands-free operation.

  • Crystal clear audio for accurate, high-quality dictation
  • Integrated with the Olympus DS-9500 Digital Recorder
  • Digitally encrypted wireless microphone and encryption features of the DS-9500 keeps your dictation HIPAA compliant
  • Easy set up: Kit contains all necessary cables, adapters, and connectors. Start dictating in under 15 minutes
  • Totally hands-free two-way audio with RevoLabs Wireless lanyard microphone and lightweight earpiece
  • Waterproof 3-pedal foot control
  • No need for PC in Grossing/Surgery Area
  • Near-instant download of dictation to any transcriptionist (local or via the internet) by flipping a single waterproof toggle switch when using the optional COMM download kit
  • Scalable: Up to 16 simultaneous users can work in the same lab area, each with their own dedicated talk/listen/review audio channel
  • Recording electronics can be shielded from liquids and covered while COM download system transfers dictation out of the lab

Additional Resources

Detailed Brochure (.pdf)

Click play on player below to Sample Audio File (11kHz .mp3) or Click to download.

Digital Transcription

Start-Stop UNIVERSAL Transcription System

Transcribe files fast and efficiently with the Start-Stop UNIVERSAL Transcription System.



The Start-Stop Ultra HandsFree Wireless Dictation System unites high quality, feature-rich components to create the ideal dictation system for pathologists, radiologists, researchers, and scientists. The Ultra HandsFree includes all connectors, adapters, and cables required, making setup quick and easy.

High-Fidelity Recording

Olympus DS-9500

The powerful DS-9500 digital recorder provides high-quality recording in a sleek, durable package. The Ultra HandsFree uses the DS-9500 as the recording device due to his exceptional sound quality, long battery life, 256-bit encryption, and reliable microphone interfacing.

Learn more about the DS-9500

New RevoLabs Solo Single or Dual Channel Wireless Microphone

This lightweight wireless microphone features a small form factor, a 60 foot range, long battery life, and 128bit encryption so no one can listen in on your dictation, critical for HIPAA compliance. Use the included lanyard to hang this lightweight microphone around your neck for easy, quick, and secure dictation for up to 8 hours per charge.

Impervious to GSM noise from other wireless electronic devices like cell phones.

Offers complete control of audio options like line and microphone levels.

(Note: Pictured with extra microphone. If you need two micrphones, be sure to select the extra microphone below.)

For more information on the Revolabs microphones, click to read the Data-Sheet (.pdf) and the Specification Sheet (.pdf).

COMM Download Option

Dictation download for sensitive environments

COMM Download Option Kit for Start Stop Ultra Hands Free Systems: Allows Hands-Free Olympus Recorders to remain in their cradles without having to remove them for download. Download happens instantly and automatically from the dictation workstation to the PC in the next room, whenever you flip the waterproof toggle switch from Dictate to Download.

Ultra Hands Free System can be waterproofed or shielded with plastic, as there is no need to ever remove the recorder from its cradle. Requires only Cat5 or Cat6 ordinary ethernet cable from the workstation, up to 130 feet away from the receiving PC that's running Olympus DSS Player software.

System includes Qty 2 USB/Ethernet Converters (1 pair), Qty 1 Waterproof Dictate/Download Switch, Qty 1 USB Powered Hub (modified-special). Note: With purchase of multiple COMM Download option kits, up to 16 separate simultaneous workstations can be accommodated with only CAT5/CAT6 in the work area, with a single PC located in the next room or area (up to 130 feet away). The receiving PC running DSS Player Pro software can simultaneously and automatically email out or send via local or FTP networks, the HIPPA-compliant encrypted dictation either on-site or off-site.

System Diagram of COMM Download Options (.pdf)

Complete Hands-Free Control

DAC Waterproof 3-Pedal Foot Control

The DAC Waterproof 3-pedal foot control (FL5000L WP Waterproof 3 Pedal Foot Control) is a heavy duty assembly that combines durability with usability. This pedal assembly is truly waterproof, allowing for easy hands-free dictation in even the most demanding laboratory environments.

Wrap-Around earpiece

This comfortable, lightweight earpiece features a wraparound design, in-line volume control, and connects to the RevoLabs wireless microphone. This allows you to accurately monitor your dictation, which combined with the editing power of the DS-5000 means your dictation is spot on every time.


How to Purchase

Order the Start-Stop Ultra Hands Free Wireless Dictation System below or contact one of our dictation specialists at (866) 254-0714 who can help you with any questions you may have.

Deluxe Start-Stop Ultra HandsFree Wireless Dictation System: Model #39338

Kit Includes:

  • Revolabs Solo™ Single Channel Wireless Microphone System (Details)
    • Internal lithium polymer battery
    • Revolabs Digital Receiver Base Unit
    • Optional lanyard
  • HTH Engineering Attenuation Adapter
  • Olympus DS-9500 Professional Digital Recorder
    • Removable 2 GB MicroSD Card™
    • CR10 Multi-function cradle/docking station
    • A517 AC Adapter
    • LI-42B Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack
    • KP10 USB Cable
    • ODMS Olympus Dictation Management System Release 6 Software on CD-ROM
    • User Manual
    • Quick Reference Guide
  • DAC 3-Pedal Waterproof Footswitch
    • Model FP5000L-WP Waterproof Footswitch
  • COMM Download Kit
  • One Year Warranty
  • Concierge Technical Support

Price: $1829.00

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  • Start-Stop Ultra Hands-Free Wireless Digital Dictation System with one Wireless Microphone model #39438
  • Start-Stop Ultra Hands-Free Wireless Digital Dictation System with two wireless microphones model #39439
  • Pedal
  • Close up of Revolabs Wireless Mic
  • Revolabs wireless microphones in charging station.
  • Revolabs wireless microphones in charging station back side.
  • StartStop Comm Unit.
  • Wireless microphone with headphone.
  • Wireless mic with headphone and lanyard.
  • Olympus DS-9500

Start-Stop Ultra Hands-Free Wireless Digital Dictation System

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