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Nuance Dragon Medical One

Start Using Nuance Dragon Medical One today! The industry's leading speech recognition software for the medical industry.

Subscribing with StartStop.com entitles you to Free Unlimited live personalized concierge training for your doctor (exclusively from HTH Engineering, Inc.)

Exclusively through us you have access to 4000+ Dragon Templates.

Nuance Dragon Medical One Features:

  • Budget-Friendly - New Lower Price!
  • Always Up-to-Date
  • Portable
  • Limitless Productivity
  • Automatic Accent Detection
  • Create User Profiles Instantly
  • Easy Installation
  • No per-device Limits
  • Powerful Google Chrome Extension enables the Browser to dictate cursor functionality
  • Plus Exclusive from HTH Engineering Ever Expanding Library, THOUSANDS of FREE Custom Medical Specialty Templates
  • All new subscriptions include for FREE the PowerMic Mobile App
  • Dragon Medical One is a speech recognition software designed for Windows PCs, but can also be run on a Mac using Parallels (emulated Windows 10), or BootCamp because all computation is done in the cloud (not for iPads).
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Plans Start at

Only $99
Per Month*

Implementation Fee



Click Here
For your Free
14-Day Trial!

Call us with your questions

(866) 254-0714

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*Looking for 2 and 3 year Term? Ask Us!

Bonus!! All New Dragon Medical One Subscriptions now include Nuance PowerMic Mobile App at No additional cost!*

Use your cell phone and Dragon® Medical One to instantly create transcribed patient notes from ANYWHERE without the need of a transcription service!

*$20 a month value now included free with new subscriptions!



Contact us at 866-254-0714 x 4, click Live Chat Button:
or fill out this form below to learn more about new
Dragon Medical One Payment & Subscription Options.

Try Out Dragon Medical One on Us!

Call Us at 1-866-254-0714 or fill out the form below for Dragon Medical One.

One of our sales engineers would be happy to demo Dragon Medical One for you or to install it on your computer
(alternatively: click here during business hours to chat Online)

Looking for 2 and 3 year Term? Ask Us!

Unleash Medical Speech Recognition Software through Cloud Computing
with Dragon Medical One


Automatic Accent Detection

Icon of a doctor image with stethscope.

Instantly detects your regional accent for more precise documentation

Create User Profiles Instantly

Icon of checkmark

Clinicians can create a profile easily and start documenting in minutes

Easy Installation*

Icon of a time watch.

After initial setup and integration, installation is easy and in just minutes you will be creating patient notes

No Per-Device Limits

Icon of a weighted balance.

Clinicians can stay productive while using their Windows-based device and focus on the unique patient story rather than usage limits


Nuance Dragon® Medical One can quickly and painlessly bring your practice into the present and allow you to convert to an EHR with ease.

Dragon® Medical One can be installed on any Windows-based clinical workstation or laptop. Once installed, clinicians simply open the app from the Windows Start menu, place the cursor where they want speech-recognized text to appear,and start dictating into any clinical or non-clinical, Windows-based application (e.g., EHR, Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft Word®).

Fast, extremely responsive, and highly accurate out-of-the-box (without the box), Dragon® Medical One provides clinical speech recognition and speech profiles that can be easily accessed across multiple devices.


Dragon® Medical One is designed for speed, accuracy and flexibility. This medical speech recognition software features speech profiles that can be accessed and shared across the widest range of devices in the industry.

Limitless Productivity:

This medical speech recognition software gives your users the ability to speak freely and as much as they like. There are no per-device limits so clinicians can stay productive anywhere.


You don't need a huge budget to get huge benefits. Our medical speech recognition software offers affordable subscription-based pricing so there's little up-front capital investment.

Always Up-to-Date:

Because Dragon Medical One is a cloud based subscription service, you will always have the latest updates and the newest editions. The latest updates have been to the Nuance Management Server 6.1 and the Dragon Medical Chrome Extension 1.41. These updates increase security for end users, improve database performance, and improve integration with Chrome-based EHRs.

*The one-time Implementation Fee includes:

Thin clients may require additional implementation and costs.

Icons showing the many templates for Dragon Medical that HTH Engineering has created and are exlcusive to HTH Engineering and StartStop.com

Exclusively from HTH Engineering, Inc

FREE Dragon Medical Templates! Exclusively from HTH Engineering! With your purchase of Dragon Medical One receive at no extra charge, exclusive access to HTH Engineering's exclusive Dragon-certified Stock Medical Template Library! 3000+ customizable templates in various medical specialties are free with your Dragon Medical One Subscription from HTH Engineering Inc.!   A $740+ value!

Unlimited support and training from our HTH Engineering, Inc. certified Dragon techs and engineers (not just 8 hours)!

Access to HTH Engineering, Inc's  Dragon Medical One Knowledge-base, as it grows

Free deployment of templates across your user base, or subsets of that user base for multiple doctors/providers.

Dragon Medical One subscriptions now include:

Click here icon to subscribe to Dragon Medical One.
  • Dragon Medical Analytics: gives system administrators access to individual and site-wide usage metrics and trends
  • Single Roaming Voice Profile
  • All updates and upgrades
  • Access to PowerMic™ Mobile ( learn more) ( Subscribe Now)

Exclusively from HTH Engineering: Free Templates and Free Customization

Not only do we have 3000+ in ready-to-use templates free of charge to use, but we are also happy to help you customize templates specific to your needs!

Exclusively from HTH Engineering: Free Migration Support

HTH Engineering, Inc., is happy to move existing created templates, macros or customizations into the cloud, at no additional cost, for previously owned versions of Dragon Medical.

Group/Cloud Deployment

These customizations can be applied nearly instantly across an entire group or a subgroup or individuals, using the Nuance Management Center (NMC) for central control.

Exclusively from HTH Engineering: Free EMR Integration

Since Dragon Medical one works with virtually all EMR's, our company will help you optimize workflow of Dragon Medical One with your cloud-based or desktop-based EMR, via GoToMeeting and/or telephone.

We can do this with virtually any and all EMR's, and.... with the use of the PowerMic 3 or other pushbutton microphone, we can help you optimize every button and function of your microphone for best performance and customization with your particular EMR.


What Physicians Are Saying

"Our goal was to transition at least 30% of patient stories to Nuance's cloud-based technology in conjunction with Cerner's EHR. Within just a few weeks, we were pleasantly surprised to see voluntary adoption rates of 60% to 90% across our hospitals."


Ehab Hanna, MD, FHM
Chief Medical Information Officer
Universal Health Services (UHS), Inc.

"Nuance speech-to-text technology untether physicians from the desktop and allows doctors to speak their clinical note and post it to the EHR from a mobile app, using their time much more efficiently."


Jeremy Bernstein
Chief Technology Officer
UC San Diego Health System

What are you waiting for?

Take control of the cloud with Start-Stop's help and Save
Time and Money with Dragon® Medical One.

Click to buy Dragon® Medical One now or call the number below to schedule a demo.

Subscribe to Dragon Medical One Now


Turn Talk into Text with PowerMic Mobile App for Dragon Medical One.

Learn More about PowerMic Mobile AppPowerMic Mobile App is now Included with your subscription to Dragon Medical One as of 7/23/2019.

Great Accessories and Exclusive Accessories for Dragon Medical One only from HTH Engineering! To enhance your experience

Take a look at these great choices. Certified for use with Dragon Medical One®!

Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset

Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset

New! Hands free for Dragon Medical One! Local mute/unmute. Perfect for radiologists or anyone who dictates hands free.


INQUIRE ABOUT SPECIAL PACKAGE DISCOUNTS with your purchase of any Dragon Medical One Subscription with above accessories!


Image of a the clinical calculator application in Dragon Medical One. Free 32+ Clinical Calculators

Dragon Medical Clinical Calculators allow for easy calculation of various scores and indices within a user-friendly interface.

Clinicians increase productivity while improving charting compliance and supporting consistent and complete clinical documentation.

Clinical Calculators support informed clinical decision-making through access to 30+ evidence-based calculators - medical equations, scores, and algorithms - that are based on well-established methodologies that have been present in the medical literature for over ten years and approved by third-party health associations.

e.g.: Clinical Calculators for Ambulatory

  • CHADS2 Score for Stroke Risk in Atrial Fibrillation
  • Creatinine Clearance
  • CURB-65 Severity Score for CAP
  • Fractional Excretion of Sodium (FENa)
  • Framingham Coronary Heart Disease Risk Score
  • HIV Needle Stick Risk Assessment Stratification Protocol (RASP)
  • Modified Centor Score for Strep Pharyngitis
  • Ottawa Ankle Rules/Knee Rules
  • PSI/PORT Score: Pneumonia Severity Index for Adult CAP
  • Pregnancy Due Dates Calculator
  • Well's Criteria for Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Westley Croup Score

New Feature – Just added March 2022 to Dragon Medical One:

MD Calc –exclusive medical calculators– just say “Hey Dragon – Show me…___ in MD Calc”

Dragon show me MDCalc


Watch the Video

Download the MDCalc Sheet HERE.

Download the MDCalc FACT Sheet HERE.

MD Calc display

See how Nuance Dragon Medical One can save you time!

LEARN MORE! – View All Nuance Dragon Medical One Tutorials and Walkthroughs

Peachtree Spine reduces physician burnout with Dragon Medical One

Witness how Dragon Medical One saves you time

See PowerMic Mobile in action

Watch how Dragon Medical One helps with documentation.

Dragon Medical One optimizes your workflow

Watch us Demonstrate Dragon Medical One


Documents and Data Sheets for Dragon Medical One and Related Products/Features:

Additional Resources


Workflow Enhancement Tools

HTH Engineering Exclusive

Start-Stop Pedal Power for Dragon Medical One at work

Use a heavy-duty foot pedal to send keystrokes and commands to Dragon Medical One cloud based dictation recognition software while doing hands-free dictation in a lab or surgery environment! Control Dragon Medical One's microphone on/off function, playback, Next Field, and any other hotkey controllable function, without moving your eyes from your work!

Product Includes:
  • Hospital grade components ensure reliability and longevity in hostile environments.
  • Waterproof or Non-Waterproof foot pedals.
  • Optionally add the highest quality, heavy, professional GN-USB Gooseneck Microphone with 18" flexible boom, speech-recognition quality, noise-cancelling.
  • Field-reprogammable
  • User Manual
  • Concierge Technical Support
Learn more about Start-Stop Pedal Power for Dragon Medical One.



  • Nuance Dragon Medical One
  • Nuance Dragon Medical One
  • Nuance Dragon Medical One

Nuance Dragon Medical One

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