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  • Olympus DS-5500

Olympus DS-5000 Replacement DS-5500

The DS-5500 has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.

Consider the newer Olympus DS-7000 for your dictation recorder needs.

Organizations and individuals who are currently invested and using the very popular Olympus DS-5000, can now obtain brand-new manufactured Olympus DS 5500s.

The New Olympus DS-5500 identical in every way to the Olympus DS-5000 hardware and accessories, and carry a one-year warranty, except that they are bundled with the newer Olympus ODMS release 6.1 dictation module software (now Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista / XP, Mac OS, Citrix, and Dragon Compatible) instead of the older "DSS Player Pro" Release 5 software.

They are form, fit and functionally identical to the DS 5000 (only the label of the unit has been changed to the DS 5500, to designate newly manufactured units by Olympus), and can be used in your existing cradles and networks were you already have the DS 5000.

Olympus DS-5500 Professional
Digital Voice Recorder
Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista® / XP® / 2000® and Mac OS Compatible

COMPARISON CHART: The Olympus DS-5000 vs. the New DS-7000 (click here)

Let our Expert Techs and Engineers help you transition to the new DS-7000 with ease! If you already have several DS-5500s or DS-4000s in use in an office or network, the new DS-7000 will be fully compatible and will "play nicely". The software included with the DS-7000 (ODMS Release 6), is also fully backward compatible with the existing DS-5500 as well as the DS-4000.

The Olympus dictation recorder introduces a new, flexible recording system that enables professionals who rely on dictation to dramatically enhance their productivity.

The powerful DS-5500 digital dictation solution incorporates a portable digital voice recorder, docking station, and peripherals that give both ease of use and versatility. It is built to meet the needs of an active professional - with an extremely durable slide switch, robust buttons, USB interface, and convenient memory cards.

HTH Engineering, Inc. supports your purchase of the Olympus dictation recorder with friendly, expert "concierge" technical support via telephone and/or GotoMeeting™ for as long as you own the equipment.

Olympus SeeOlympus


Call us toll-free at (866) 254-0714 for technical pre-sales assistance and custom quotes. Click Here for your personal live sales support chat.

Price includes dedicated, turn-key support and setup from our expert, friendly engineering team (since 1997) via telephone and/or high speed internet (we can install it for you) at no extra charge.


Useful links:

Transcribe Olympus Files using the Olympus AS-7000 Transcription Kit




DS-5500 / 5500iD Accessories


Foot control for hands-free operation of your DS-5500

RS-27 / 28 Foot Switch for
Hands Free Recording

Replacement/Spare cradle for DS-5500

CR-10 Cradle

Spare DS-5500 Battery pack

BR-403 Rechargeable Battery Pack

Spare USB for DS-5500

KP-10 USB download Cable for the DS-5500

Record land line calls

TRX-20 Recording Adapter

Record cell phone calls

TP-8 Phone Recording Adapter
See Our Selection of Headsets


Recording Times
512 MB microSD (Included) 38 Hours, 45 Minutes 79 Hours, 30 minutes
4 GB (Optional) over 310 hours over 630 hours Order
8 GB (Maximum) over 620 hours over 1,200 hours Order

Features and Benefits

* Transcribe Olympus Files using the Olympus AS-5000 Transcription Kit

  • Slide Switch Operation is quiet and easy to use, resulting in high performance, comfort, and increased productivity.
  • Records in DS2 (Digital Speech Professional) format allowing for file encryption. This format was developed primarily to meet dictation and transcription needs.
  • Compact design and light metal finish combine for a recorder with a professional look and feel and large easy to read LCD with backlight.
  • Ni-MH Batteries may be charged using 4 different methods. 1) Using the cradle and the AC Adapter, 2) Using the Cradle and the USB cable, 3) Using the AC adapter plugged into the recorder, and 4) Using the USB cable directly from the PC [USB 2.0]
  • 3 Programmable Smart Buttons [Customizable with the DSS Player Pro Software]
  • Choose between storage of 2 Recording Modes, QP or SP, and Recording Sensitivity, Dictate or Conference, to suit your recording needs.
  • The DS-5500 allows for easy editing of existing recordings by Appending, Overwriting, Inserting, and erasing or partial-erase of recording.
  • The DS-5500's Automatic Voice Activation keeps recordings free from dead space and saves recording capacity and time during transcription.
  • The DS-5500 recorder can categorically classify and store recording in any of the 7 different folders that can be programmed on the recorder. Each folder can store up to 199 messages per folder.
  • When the DS-5500 is left unused and in stop mode, it will automatically shut itself off.
  • Designed to withstand the heavy usage of the professional user. Durable switches and connectors of the DS-5500 are designed to eliminate or minimize the down time.
  • The DS-5500 USB transfer rate of dictation files from the recorder to PC or vise versa has been improved to reduce time spent waiting for the transfer process to finish.

    Advanced Features

  • The DS-5500 supports hands-free recording with the optional RS-28 footswitch. Connect the RS-28 to the cradle, place the recorder in the cradle and you are ready to go.
  • Work Types - up to 10 users ID's can be programmed on the recorder to support user environment where recorders are exchanged among professionals. (up to 16 characters)
  • Index Mark Function - is useful to search particular points in the dictation file. (up to 32 index marks can be set in a file)
  • Verbal Comment Function - allows transcriptionists to instantly search and play back instructions on their computer. (Up to 32 verbal comments can be set in a file) See Details
  • Priority Setting Feature - The F2 button selects between "HIGH" and "NORMAL" priority.
  • Multi-level alarms can be enabled and set to meet various needs.
  • Splash screen automatically displays default time of day greeting when DS-5500 is turned on, or you can program your own greeting (up to 20 characters).
  • The DS-5500 supports and displays language in English, French, and German.

    DSS Player Pro Software Features

  • Improved DSS Player Pro software provides automatic download and backup of recordings; automatic distribution of recordings via email or FTP to other users; direct recording onto your PC; managing and changing settings on your recorder; playing and editing of recordings on your PC; automatic retrieval of typed documents and much more.
  • The DS-5500 will automatically synchronize its clock with your PC using the DSS Player Pro Dictation software.
  • The DSS Player Pro Dictation software supports encryption of dictations before sending as email attachments or via FTP.
  • Compatible with Dragon Naturally Speaking and IBM Via Voice for WindowsTM.

Olympus DS-5500 slide switch

Slide Switch Operation: Quiet and easy to use slide switch results in performance, comfort, and increased productivity.

Olympus DS-5500 screen

Large LCD screen with backlight. Allows for ease of use and fast response with reverse voice playback.

Olypus DS-5500 Buttons

3 Programmable Smart Buttons: Provides customized functions to suit your dictation needs. The recorder firmware can also be programmed for additional functionality and flexibility.

Olympus DS-5500 device lock function

Device Lock Function: Finger Print Scanner as well as password encryption, allows for secure recordings with the DS2 format.

Technical Specifications

Recording Format DS2 - Digital recording in accordance Digital Speech Standard Pro.
Recording Media microSD, SD-Card: 512 MB to 8 GB
With included 512MB microSD
Recording Time (512 MB card) QP mode: 39 hours, 45 minutes
SP mode: 79 hours, 30 minutes
Device Lock Function Authentication via password and finger print {DS-5500iD}
Input Level -70 dB.
* Compare to the Olympus DS-4000!
LED Large LED Menu
Folders / Messages 5 folders with up to 200 files per folder. When using DSS Player Pro Software, up to 7 folders with 200 files per folder can be created.
(Alarm Messages can be set.)
Sampling Frequency............................................ QP mode: 16 kHz. (Quality Play)
SP mode: 12 kHz. (Standard Play)
Overall Frequency Response QP mode: 200 to 7,000 Hz.
SP mode: 200 to 5,000 Hz.
LP Mode No
Voice Activation Yes VCVA
Mic Sensitivity Conference or Dictation
Practical Maximum Output (3 V DC) 250 mW or more (8 ? speaker).
Write Protection Yes
Power Save Mode Set time to: [5 min], [10 min], [30 min], [1 hr], or [OFF]
Language Support English, French, and Spanish
Speaker Built-in 23 mm round dynamic speaker.
Microphone Jack 3.5 mm mini-jack, impedance 2 k ?.
Earphone Jack 3.5 mm mini-jack, impedance 8 ?.
Power Supply Model A513, Rated voltage: 5 V DC.
(Allowable voltage: 4.6 to 5.5 V)
Batteries................................................................. Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Pack (BR403), or
Two (2) AAA batteries (LR03 or R03) or
Two (2) Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (BR401)

Full charge time: Approximately 3 hours.
Battery Life Alkaline:
QP mode (approx. 24 hours)
SP mode (approx. 32 hours)
Playback (approx. 13 hours)
Ni-MH Rechargeable:
QP mode (approx. 20 hours);
SP mode (approx. 28 hours);
Playback (approx. 10 hours)
Size 113.5mm x 50.0mm x 17mm (without protrusions)
Weight 110 g (including Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack (BR403)
Operating Systems Supported......................... Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
MAC OS 10.3.9 - 10.5
(MAC version does not support voice recognition software.)
CPU 500 MHz processor for Windows 2000 / XP
800 MHz processor for Windows Vista
PowerPC G3 MAC
RAM 128 MB for Windows 2000 / XP
512MB for Windows 7 / Vista
512 MB MAC
Sound Board Compatible Sound Card is necessary
Video Card and Display N/A
Removable Drive N/A
USB Port USB 2.0 High Speed data transmission supported.
One or more free USB 1.0 or 2.0 ports needed.

Package Includes:

  • Olympus DS-5500 Professional Digital Dictation Recorder
  • 512MB Micro-SD memory card
  • CR-10 docking/downloading/charging cradle
  • BR-403 Ni-MH Rechargeable battery
  • USB Cable (KP21)
  • Olympus Dictation Management Software (ODMS) Version 6 on CD-ROM
    Instruction manual
  • 1-year warranty


  • Exclusive HTH Engineering "Concierge" Turn-Key Tech Support and Free Lifetime Support Via GotoMeeting and/or telephone

  • Olympus DS-5500

Olympus DS-5000 Replacement DS-5500



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